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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


v0.0.4 (25 Jul 2014)

  • Label signs are much smarter now: 1) they show more information (any chargeable machine will have a pretty charge meter), and 2) breaking a labelled block will auto-break the signs too and they'll be back in the same place when the block is next placed. Just break the sign itself to remove it from the block. Blocks with label signs from v0.0.3 or earlier may not auto-update properly; a one-off break/replace of the sign should fix that.
  • Added Dense Solar: requires 8 Basic Solars plus a (tier 2) Integrated Circuit craft. Eight times the power output of a Basic Solar: up to 4 SCU/tick.
  • Solar generators (Basic and Dense) now need a PV Cell to be installed to generate power; I took this decision since I don't like place-and-forget free solar energy (RL solar cells have a limited lifespan). PV Cell will be slowly consumed; the lifetime is long, though; 3 (real) hours of continuous usage (life only drained when actively generating power).
  • Added 10K Battery Box, crafted with a 10K energy cell plus some other cheap ingredients.
  • 50K Energy Cell now needs some tier 2 components, so it's a little harder to craft.
  • Added Thoroughness Upgrade for machines: the machine will run slower and consume more energy, but the chance for bonus output is added.
  • Added machine: the Auto Builder. This is the first tier 2 machine, and works in somewhat similar manner to the Buildcraft Builder machine. It does require a fair amount of SCU to work.
  • Added item: the Land Marker, whose only purpose at this time is to define work areas for the Auto Builder.
  • Added Item Router Hyper-Sender module; a tier 2 item which allows items to be sent anywhere, no distance or world limitation. Alternative to using Ender Box; more compact, but a little more expensive to make.
  • Added a new redstone activity mode (in addition to Ignore/Low/High): Pulsed. In Pulsed mode, the machine will operate once when a redstone pulse is detected. This mode doesn't make sense for all machines. Item Router will process one item(stack) when pulsed. Masher/Smelter/Sawmill will pull one item into processing when pulsed.
  • Added a per-item permission node to control which players may craft which items: stb.craft.<item-id>
  • Added a parent permission node which includes all per-item child nodes: stb.allow.<item-id>. Makes it easier to completely deny all interaction with a given item.
  • Added new block access mode (in addition to Public/Private): Restricted. Only friends of the block's owner will be able to access the block. "Friends" are added/removed by /stb friend and /stb unfriend commands. Possibly some GUI system in the future, not for v0.0.4 though
  • Improved block/inventory protection support: added support for WorldGuard for block and inventory protection (although LWC is probably still the best inventory protection choice), and Precious Stones for block protection. In addition, the type of protection desired is configurable: see Protection for more information.
  • The GUI system has had a bit of a facelift; stained glass panes are now used rather than water/ender portal blocks, which provides a more muted relaxed appearance. However, GUI textures are also now configurable, so you can restore the old textures if desired: see the gui.texture.XXX settings in Configuration.
  • Developers: Very significant internal refactoring and streamlining, with significant API changes. There is now a far better separation of API, core, and item/block classes. All API classes/interfaces are under me.desht.sensibletoolbox.api now. The intention is that plugins defining new items should only need to use code from the API part of STB. In future this may be separated into SensibleToolboxAPI, a separate dependency from the plugin. The API can be considered reasonably stable now; I'll endeavour to avoid any breaking changes in future without a period of deprecation.
  • Developers: Javadocs for the API are now available at
  • Developers: added a isStackable() method to BaseSTBItem to prevent stacking of custom items.
  • Fix: shift-right-click against an Ender Box now places it as expected, rather than opening the Ender Box GUI.
  • Fix: closing the Combine Hoe seed bag or planting seeds no longer magically repairs the hoe.

v0.0.3 (7 Jul 2014)

  • FIX: Ender Storage persistence was broken (items were lost after server restart). Fixed now!
  • Added many new component items as the start of work on tier 2 items and machines. These items will be used in crafting ingredients for new more powerful devices. See: Infernal Dust, Energized Iron/Gold Dust, Energized Iron/Gold Ingots, Tough Machine Frame, Integrated Circuit, Quartz Dust, Silicon Wafer. More information on these in Items / Components.
  • The HSU (Hyper Storage Unit) and Multibuilder tool now require an Integrated Circuit instead of a Simple Electronic Circuit to craft, effectively turning them into tier 2 items. (Practical outcome: they're somewhat more complex to craft now!)
  • There aren't any other new tier 2 items yet, but planning work is underway...

v0.0.2 (30 Jun 2014)

  • Massively improved ender storage system, with multiple storage frequencies and global/personal storage units. Bag of Holding has been obsoleted by the Ender Bag, but you can get an Ender Bag by putting your old Bag of Holding in a crafting grid. Your bag's contents will appear in personal Ender frequency #1. See Items / Ender Storage for much more information.
  • Added the Item Router Breaker Module: it breaks any solid block (except Bedrock) in its configured direction and pulls the item into the item router's buffer (but only if there's room for the item in the buffer). Potential uses for now: cobblestone/stone/obsidian generator, pumpkin/melon farming.
  • Recipe book: added a toggle button to show only vanilla recipes, only STB recipes, or all recipes.
  • Added the Advanced Recipe Book: if you craft with this book (by clicking a workbench), item ingredients can be pulled from any adjacent (vanilla or STB) inventory. You can store resources for commonly-crafted items and make those items much more easily now.
  • Added LWC support: the Advanced Recipe Book and Item Routers will only interact with vanilla inventories that they have LWC access rights for. You will require a recent LWC dev build supporting UUID functionality.
  • Added the Regulator Upgrade, a new machine upgrade. In the Heat Engine, a regulator will make the machine only pull fuel in if there is definitely enough room for the SCU charge that would be generated - more efficient fuel use. In machines, a regulator partially mitigates the inefficiency introduced by Speed Upgrades.
  • Diamond Combine Hoe (but not other hoe types) now harvests in a 5x5 radius.
  • Added "noisy_machines" boolean config setting (default true). Set to false if machine noises bother you.
  • Recipe Book: for convenience, you can now also click the recipe result icon; it has the same effect as clicking the Fabricate button (assuming fabrication is possible)
  • Recipe Book: fabrication is now also available if you have a workbench item in your inventory.
  • You can now use partially or fully charged chargeable items in crafting recipes, and any SCU in the ingredients will be transferred to the resulting item. E.g. a 50k energy cell uses 10k energy cells in its recipe. If you use three fully charged cells, the resulting 50k cell with have 30k SCU.
  • Any log type can now be used in BSU crafting.
  • You no longer need to be holding a recipe book to use the /stb recipe command; you just need to have one anywhere in your inventory.
  • FIX: Item Router Dropper Module was sometimes dropping too many items on the ground.
  • FIX: Item duping issues in the Recipe Book via shift-clicking should now be resolved.
  • FIX: 50k Energy Cell recipe should work properly now.
  • FIX: HSU had a spurious double recipe showing up in the Recipe Book.
  • FIX: Coal blocks were underpowered when used as Heat Engine fuel and have been buffed; burning a coal block is now 3.7% more efficient than burning 9 lumps of coal.

v0.0.1 (16 May 2014)

  • Initial public release

See Changelog for full release history.