Sensible Toolbox v0.0.2 beta


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    Jun 30, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


v0.0.2 (30 Jun 2014)

  • Massively improved ender storage system, with multiple storage frequencies and global/personal storage units. Bag of Holding has been obsoleted by the Ender Bag, but you can get an Ender Bag by putting your old Bag of Holding in a crafting grid. Your bag's contents will appear in personal Ender frequency #1. See Items / Ender Storage for much more information.
  • Added the Item Router Breaker Module: it breaks any solid block (except Bedrock) in its configured direction and pulls the item into the item router's buffer (but only if there's room for the item in the buffer). Potential uses for now: cobblestone/stone/obsidian generator, pumpkin/melon farming.
  • Recipe book: added a toggle button to show only vanilla recipes, only STB recipes, or all recipes.
  • Added the Advanced Recipe Book: if you craft with this book (by clicking a workbench), item ingredients can be pulled from any adjacent (vanilla or STB) inventory. You can store resources for commonly-crafted items and make those items much more easily now.
  • Added LWC support: the Advanced Recipe Book and Item Routers will only interact with vanilla inventories that they have LWC access rights for. You will require a recent LWC dev build supporting UUID functionality.
  • Added the Regulator Upgrade, a new machine upgrade. In the Heat Engine, a regulator will make the machine only pull fuel in if there is definitely enough room for the SCU charge that would be generated - more efficient fuel use. In machines, a regulator partially mitigates the inefficiency introduced by Speed Upgrades.
  • Diamond Combine Hoe (but not other hoe types) now harvests in a 5x5 radius.
  • Added "noisy_machines" boolean config setting (default true). Set to false if machine noises bother you.
  • Recipe Book: for convenience, you can now also click the recipe result icon; it has the same effect as clicking the Fabricate button (assuming fabrication is possible)
  • Recipe Book: fabrication is now also available if you have a workbench item in your inventory.
  • You can now use partially or fully charged chargeable items in crafting recipes, and any SCU in the ingredients will be transferred to the resulting item. E.g. a 50k energy cell uses 10k energy cells in its recipe. If you use three fully charged cells, the resulting 50k cell with have 30k SCU.
  • Any log type can now be used in BSU crafting.
  • You no longer need to be holding a recipe book to use the /stb recipe command; you just need to have one anywhere in your inventory.
  • FIX: Item Router Dropper Module was sometimes dropping too many items on the ground.
  • FIX: Item duping issues in the Recipe Book via shift-clicking should now be resolved.
  • FIX: 50k Energy Cell recipe should work properly now.
  • FIX: HSU had a spurious double recipe showing up in the Recipe Book.
  • FIX: Coal blocks were underpowered when used as Heat Engine fuel and have been buffed; burning a coal block is now 3.7% more efficient than burning 9 lumps of coal.

v0.0.1 (16 May 2014)

  • Initial public release

See Changelog for full release history.