SelectivePvP enables you to choose only certain items to be allowed in PvP! You can specify any items you like, and nothing else will be harmful to opposing players. There is also a configurable self-defense mode so that unarmed players can defend themselves if they are attacked. This plugin was designed for, and is perfect for Prison servers where you need to control the contraband of your prisoners. However, it will work just as well on any server where you'd like to control PvP.

Current Features

  • Configure only certain items that players can PvP with
  • Configure if unarmed players can defend themselves, using any item

Commands and Permissions

  • /spvp reload - Reloads the config file - selectivepvp.reload

Configuration Help
SelectivePvP Config

Install Instructions:
Simply drop the jar into your plugins folder. The config.yml will load automatically into your /plugins/SelectivePvP folder.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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Xray Informer

This plugin was written for the ObsidianCraft Prison server


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