This video below sums up what's happening with Villages (and all my other plugins) and most likely a lot of other plugins, this is just my two cents and I would appreciate if you would watch this video.

What is it?

SELBans is an advanced banning, kicking, warning and muting system developed to store all records in a database for easy retrieving of a players stats. Since it's SQL it is very fast and efficient, and can be accessed from multiple locations and languages such as PHP (to make a web interface).

How it works

All Bans, kicks warnings and mutes are stored into a database, they act the same as any other plugin, but allow for lookups, even if a player has been pardoned or unmuted. Acting as a permanent record on a player, the plugin can show a previous players banning, kicking, warning or muting history and lets the admins decide how to deal with the player.

Main features of the plugin:

  • Store Bannings, kickings, mutes and Warnings into a database.
  • Lookup a specifc players history for bans, kicks, mutes and warnings
  • Lookup where a player was banned from console
  • Do timed based banning and mutes.
  • Centralize bannings for multiple servers.
  • Block specific commands for muted players
  • Block player death messages for muted players.
  • Custom kick, warning, muting, banning and more messages.

Future Plans

I can't really think of a whole lot more to add, mainly since I've used this plugin for myself for over a year now, only other thing I could add is maybe IP bans, or program up a web interface for people to download and use (give any others you can think of below).


I have many plugins you can use! Check them out! Please!

VillagesLet players claim area's and assign player plots! Very helpful indeed!Link
DomsCommandsOffers most things your server will need, offers commands, messages, chat filtering etcLink
CreditShopsBasic Shop system to let players sell and buy items, built robust and with a nice interfaceLink
SELBansAdvanced banning, kicking, muting, warning and demotion system that lets you store into an SQL database.Link
ForeverFallingFun plugin that let's you set Y limits to let players fall from below Bedrock of one world, to the sky of another, useful for skylandsLink
MailItemsSet a mailbox chest and send items to other players!Link
ShadyFoxStore player IP addresses on login and find players who are using same IP addresses, and catch those who use many IP's to evade IP bans!Link
BukkitSkillsA dead plugin of mine, never got any attention, a very basic skills plugin that was never fully completedLink
AlphaZombiesA custom gamemode plugin I made, based off the Halo 3 game mode of the same name.Link

I also run my own Server, Belleza, an Economy Based Villages server that runs most of my plugins. We're quite fun to play on and I hope you check us out!
You can also check out my site, domsPlace, where I have code ideas, information about plugins, and info about me in general!

Thanks ~Dom


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