SeePlayerInventory - Real time inventory editor!


  • Open a player's inventory as a chest and interact with it in real time.
  • Add/Remove items from a players's inventory in real time.
  • Add/Remove items from a player's enderchest.
  • An easy way to look for illegal items.
  • Allow players to request to see other player's inventory.

How to install SeePlayerInventory:

  1. Stop the server!
  2. Download the file: Up/Right.
  3. Drop it in your plugin bukkit folder.
  4. Start the server.
  5. Enjoy!


Command Permission Description
/spi ? Show the help page from the plugin.
/spi open inv <player> Open the inventory from a user.
/spi open ec <player> Open the enderchest from a user.
/spi see inv <player> seeplayerinventory.use.see.inv View the Inventory from a user.
/spi see ec <player> seeplayerinventory.use.see.enderchest View the enderchest from a user.
/spi see chest seeplayerinventory.use.see.chest View the chest who your are looking at the moment.
/spi see request <player> seeplayerinventory.use.see.request Send a request to a player.
/spi see request <accept/decline> <player> seeplayerinventory.use.see.request Accepts or decline a players request.
/spi target See information about the Target Mode.
/spi target inv Active/Deactivate the inventory Target Mode.
/spi target ec Active/Deactivate the enderchest Target Mode.
/spi menu Open the inventory with all user online(click on one face and you open her inventory).
/spi inspect seeplayerinventory.use.inspect //
/spi inspect toggle seeplayerinventory.use.inspect.toggle Active/Deactivate the target Mode to inspect the inventories.
/spi inspect togglevisibility seeplayerinventory.use.inspect.togglevisibility Active/Deactivate the ability for other players to inspect your inventory.
/spi inspect status seeplayerinventory.use.inspect.status Shows the inspection status of the toogle and toggle visibility.
/spi reload seeplayerinventory.use.reload Reload the Config.
.... seeplayerinventory.admin Access to all commands.
.... Access to the command /spi open if you haven't this permission you cant use any /spi open commands
.... seeplayerinventory.use.see Access to the command /spi see if you haven't this permission you cant use any /spi see commands
.... seeplayerinventory.checkupdates If you have this permissions and your enter to the server, the server will check for updates and tell your when a new version is available


Editing player's inventory:

Inventory match up:

  • Blue Cyan: Players Inventory.
  • Yellow: Players Hotbar.
  • Dark Blue: Players armour.
  • Green: Players offhand slot.
  • Red: Items in this slots will be doped in front of the player.

Bug Report/Suggestion:

Have a Bug and you want to report it? Please use the build in issues functionality, you can get there by pressing Issues at the top menu or visit here:


Version 2.7

  • + Upgraded version to support CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.16.2

Version 2.6

  • + Upgraded version to support CraftBukkit/Spigot 1.16.1
  • ! Fixed some color coding on inventories and tools producing two strange letters in front of name.

Version 2.5

  • + Added bstats

Version 2.4

  • + Added compatibility with Craftbukkit 1.15.2
  • ! Fixed the updater checker
  • ! Fixed some spelling mistakes in the menu
  • ! Fixed server errors during open menu

The complete Changelog Here.


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Thanks for +20000 downloads!


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