Plugin to deliver a Pet from player to another Player and Fix for pet not teleport between worlds!

With SedexPet you can send a pet to another player using only one command, with option to send tamed pets!


  • Can send any Tameable and Animal to any player on allowed worlds;
  • Fix pet can't travel betwen worlds when player teleport like tamed Horses;
  • Pet dont teleport to you if is sitting;
  • Player can't send your own tamed pet to another player;
  • Configurable minimum health of pet before send pet to player;
  • You can choose the item use as "postage stamp" to send pet to player;
  • Language file to total translation of the plugin, including comands help;


You can use this aliases: sedexp, sendp, sendpet.
Tip: Permission RED = not default | Permission GREEN = default

/sedexpet send <Player>Send a pet to playersedexpet.send
/sedexpet sendtamed <Player>Send a tamed pet to player (not your tamed pet)sedexpet.sendtamed
/sedexpet reloadReload configuration and language filessedexpet.reload
/sedexpet ?See the available commands based on permissionsOne of the permissions above
noneAll commandssedexpet.*(default op)

How to use

  1. When Player teleport between worlds, now the pet will follow automatically;
  2. Give ther apropriate permissions to player before use;
  3. Now, use the command /sedexpet send or sendtamed to see the mob health and if the mob is ready to be sent to player;
  4. Beat them until they are tired to you put that pet into a box and send to payer;
  5. When tired(and ready), use the "postage stamp" item (REDSTONE by default) to catch the pet and send to Player;

Configuration File

# The stamp item used to send pet to player when pet is ready 
material-for-send: REDSTONE

#Future item to catch the pet(like Pokebol)
material-for-catch: GLASS_BOTTLE

#Health needed to pet be ready to be sended
minimum-pet-health: 3.0

#Enable teleport pet with player betwen worlds
pet-teleport-between-worlds-fix: true

#Search radius to plugin teleport pet with player
pet-teleport-range: 15.0

#Allow send baby animals?
allow-send-baby: true

#Allowed world to pet teleport
- world
- world_nether
- world_the_end


Download latest file from Here!


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