Creating Too Much Special Days Will increasing Process ( Making Server LAG Issue ) #85

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Assigned to _ForgeUser7458855
  • _ForgeUser9554017 created this issue Mar 16, 2013

    Is the problem reproducible ? If yes, please describe how
    1. I Setting with 120 special Day with seasonsplusplus.
    2. changing Daytime tick
    3. after 5min server will heavy load with process ( not even know processing what... )

    What's the problem ? What should be ?
    - Unknow

    What version of Seasons,Craftbukkit, (ProtocolLib) do you use ?
    Season v201 + seasonsplusplus
    craftbukkit v147 R1.0
    Protocolib 2.3.0

    Do you have an error log ? If yes, please provide it

    Please provide the seasons config.

    Any more informations ?

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  • _ForgeUser7458855 posted a comment Mar 16, 2013

    Why are you setting SpecialDay with SeasonsPlusPlus ? The special day configs are in Seasons.

    Can you post your config for both Seasons and SeasonsPlusPlus plz ?

    Edited Mar 16, 2013
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