Seasons not activating #109

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  • _ForgeUser10426329 created this issue Jul 12, 2013

    Is the problem reproducible ? If yes, please describe how

    What's the problem ? What should be ?

    Now that I have configured the plugin accordingly, it now says not active when ever I start the server or reload the plugin. The config file says that it is active but the server is saying otherwise.

    What version of Seasons,Craftbukkit, (ProtocolLib) do you use ?

    CraftBukkit: -1.6.2-R0.1-20130711.012506-5 , Seasons: 2.0.3 , ProtocalLib: 2.4.7

    Do you have an error log ? If yes, please provide it

    Please provide the seasons config.

    Any more informations ?

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  • _ForgeUser10426329 added an attachment world.yml Jul 12, 2013


    <p>This is the seasons config file</p>

  • _ForgeUser9031755 posted a comment Jul 13, 2013

    Wrong version of CraftBukkit. Plugin's for 1.5.2

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