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  • _ForgeUser254627 created this issue Jul 11, 2013

    I'd really like to see Seasons support World Guard regions in such a manner that each season in the world has differing weather effects based on Region.

    For Example: In the Summer, I want it to rain and storm in all regions except RegionD, which is a desert region. In Region D, I only want a small chance of rain, and all of it to be Thunderstorms.

    And in the Winter, I want it to snow in RegionA, RegionB, and RegionF, but not in RegionC, RegionD, or RegionE.

    This support could be implimented via a series of Overrides, posted at the bottom of the Config file

        SeasonName #Name of season being overridden
          Regions: #WorldGuard Regions where the override occurs, seperated by commas
            Sun: 70
            Rain: 20
            Thunder: 10
            Snow: 0

    ##The rest of the settings would remain the same for the season.

  • _ForgeUser254627 added the tags New Enhancment Jul 11, 2013

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