SDFEconomy is a multiverse/location aware Vault based economy plugin used on the SDF Minecraft Server. The plugin can configured to have separate economies corresponding to the separate inventory locations from any of these plugins:

In addition to multiverse support there are options for having an economy per world or a single economy for all worlds.

As Vault is not itself multiverse aware, we sometimes need to add specific support for other Vault plugins so money is placed in the correct location. So far we support:

You will need at least Vault version 1.2.3 or higher to use this plugin.

Localization is supported by this plugin, so if you have a desired target language contact me for details on doing a translation. So far we have localization for:

  • English
  • Russian



  • /sdfeconomy
  • /economy
  • /ec


  • /ec help [page#] - See all commands
  • /ec balance - Check player account balance
    • Alias: /balance, /bal
  • /ec pay <player_name> <amount> - Pay another player
    • Alias: /pay
  • /ec top - List wealthiest players
  • /ec listlocations - List locations where separate economies exist

Bank Commands

  • /ec bank list - List banks where player is owner or member
  • /ec bank info <account_name> - Get detailed information on a bank
  • /ec bank deposit <bank_account> <amount> - Deposit money in a bank account
  • /ec bank withdraw <bank_account> <amount> - Withdraw money from a bank account
  • /ec bank create <account_name> - Create a new bank
  • /ec bank remove <account_name> - Remove a bank account
  • /ec bank rename <old_account_name> <new_account_name> - Rename a bank account
  • /ec bank addmember <account_name> <member_name> - Add a member to a bank
  • /ec bank removemember <account_name> <member_name> - Remove a member from a bank
  • /ec bank setowner <account_name> <new_owner> - Change owner of bank account

Administrative Commands

  • /ec reload - Reload accounts
  • /ec set <player_name> <amount> [location] - Set player balance
  • /ec deposit <player_name> <amount> [location] - Deposit an amount into a player account
  • /ec withdraw <player_name> <amount> [location] - Withdraw an amount from a player account
  • /ec convert <economy_name> <location1>=<scaling> [ <location2>=scaling ...] - Convert from another Vault economy
  • /ec player create <player_name> <location> - Create a player account
  • /ec player delete <player_name> <location> - Delete a player account
  • /ec scale <amount> <location> - Scale all player account balances in a given location


  • sdfeconomy.use_account - Permission to use a personal accounts, default: true
  • sdfeconomy.use_bank - Permission to use a bank account, default: true
  • sdfeconomy.pay_players - Permission to pay other players, default: true
  • sdfeconomy.see_top_balances - Can other players see the balance of players show in /ec top display, default: false
  • sdfeconomy.admin - Allows non-ops to use administrative commands. default: false




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