All views are lost on server crashes #50

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  • _ForgeUser7578707 created this issue Aug 27, 2012

    What steps will reproduce the problem?
    1. Start up your server
    2. Crash your server violently

    What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
    I expect to see it loading correctly, but I see it being corrupted instead.

    What version of the product are you using?
    1.5.0 SMS, and 1.3.2-R0.1 CB

    Do you have an error log of what happened?
    It got lost.

    Please provide any additional information below.
    I don't have any.

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  • desht_08 posted a comment Aug 28, 2012

    What do you mean, exactly, by "crash your server violently" ? I've tried crashing my server by sending various Unix signals to the JVM, forcing it to exit, and on no occasion has any of the SMS view data been lost.

    Can you reproduce this problem?

    If the server crashes while a view is being written, then file corruption is certainly possible, but this can't be considered a bug with the SMS plugin.

    I'll need a lot more info about what happened, how the server crashed, what you were doing, etc.

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  • _ForgeUser7578707 posted a comment Sep 2, 2012

    @desht: Go

    It's quite strange. When it does crash, the files in the data folder all have a sizes of 0 bytes. I was away when the server crashed, so I'm not sure what happened.

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