ScrollingMenuSign v3.0.1


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    Jun 25, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


v3.0.1 (25 Jun 2014)

v3.0.0 (23 Jun 2014)

  • This release is not supported on CraftBukkit releases earlier than 1.7.9 due to UUID migration.
  • Added public hologram views - use holograms provided by the HoloAPI plugin to display menus to a player. Views of this type are common to all players (i.e. if one player scrolls the view, all players see the change), can be shown or hidden by the presence or absence of a redstone signal, and can also control redstone output switches.
  • Added private hologram views - these display a menu with HoloAPI to the activating player only, and have a separate scroll position for each player. Unlike public hologram views, these views are toggled by clicking an item, and do not have any redstone functionality.
  • Added /sms give popup command; this can be used to get any item which when left- or right-clicked, will display a popup menu (inventory, private hologram, or spout). This is also intended to replace popup books previously used to show inventory views; popup items are more flexible. E.g. /sms give popup warps-1 compass 1 desht will give a specially-named compass to the player 'desht' which when clicked will pop up the previously created view warps-1.
  • Big player name -> UUID migration. Player names are no longer stored persistently by SMS; player UUIDs are now stored instead. This affects the "owner" attribute for menus and views, as well as owners for user variables. Data will be auto-migrated when 3.0.0 is installed; no admin intervention is needed.
  • ScrollingMenuSign is now built against Vault 1.4, for proper UUID support in economy/permissions plugins. A warning will be logged if an older version of Vault is detected at run-time.
  • Access Control: changed the meaning of the GROUP value for the "access" menu/view attribute. It is now called OWNER_GROUP (data will be auto-migrated if necessary). Added a "group" attribute which is simply the permission group which the player must be a member of, if the access control for the menu/view is set to GROUP.
  • Expanded the functionality of User Variables: they are now substituted whenever encountered in menu titles, menu item labels, and menu item lore, allowing for some better per-user menu customisation.
  • Menu title/item label/item lore text is now processed for HTML escape codes, allowing much more freedom to insert arbitrary Unicode characters into menus. Config settings which affect menu text (e.g. prefixes) also support HTML-escapes. Example: /sms menu mymenu title "ΑΒΓ頰". See for a list of some useful HTML escape codes.
  • As a side effect of the above change, saved menu data files will now contain HTML escape codes, including for Bukkit colour codes. However, SMS will unescape all data as it's loaded, resulting in identical content to previous version. You can still edit menu files directly if you so choose.
  • Individual menu items may now have their own permission node defined; the player must have this node to execute the menu item (in addition to any possible nodes needed to run the command). For per-player views (map, inventory, spout, private holo) the player will need the defined node to be able to see the item label at all. E.g. /sms edit mymenu Diamonds -perm diamond.permission.node -
  • Added the "noescape" attribute for inventory views - if set to true, then the view cannot be dismissed with Escape or 'E' - only by selecting an item. For reasons of sanity, it is not possible to both this attribute to true and the "autopopdown" attribute to false at the same time.
  • Added the "-popup-for" option to the /sms view command to force-display a popup view on a given player's screen. E.g. /sms view punishment-1 -popup-for evilplayer. This command can be used from the console. This may be useful to force a player to choose a particular menu item before continuing (see also the new "noescape" view attribute added above).
  • Added the ability to run alternative commands via the "-altcommand" option when creating/editing menu items. The alt command will be run if you shift-left-click (by default) on sign/map/hologram views, or right-click the icon in inventory views. E.g. /sms add mymenu "Hello" \\hi! -altcommand \\bye!
  • For commands running on a cooldown, the string <COOLDOWN> in commands will be substituted with a user-readable remaining time. E.g. /sms add mymenu Diamond "COOLDOWN 12hr diamond $diamond,-1 \\Have a diamond! $$ \\$6You must wait <COOLDOWN> !"
  • The string <UUID> in commands will substituted with the player's UUID. Also, UUID's are now accepted in the @p restrictor for commands.
  • API: added MenuManager class and moved all static methods from the SMSMenu class into it
  • API: added addSubstitionHandler() method to SMSHandler; allows other plugins to register custom substitutions to be carried out in command strings.
  • /sms view -l will now list all known views.
  • Added /sms repaint command, which forces a repaint of all views.
  • Icon specification for inventory views can now specify a number for the icon used, and make the icon glow (if ProtocolLib is installed).
  • FIX: the door (BACK) icon for inventory view submenus wasn't showing up: - if you still see this problem after upgrade, do /sms set submenus.back_item.material wood_door
  • FIX: centre and right-justified inventory views now work properly.