ScrollingMenuSign v2.3.0


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    Nov 14, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R2.0


v2.3.0 (14 Nov 2013)

  • Added new view attribute to all scrollable view types: scroll_type. This may be one of "scroll" or "page". "scroll" is the default and current behaviour - the selected item remains in place and the view scrolls around it. The "page" type allows the selection cursor to move and the view will switch to the next/previous page (where there are more items than can be displayed on one page). You can also define the global default behaviour for all views with the new "scroll_type" Configuration setting.
  • Item costs: giving or taking items should now use a material name, not a numeric ID. Numeric ID's are still accepted for now, but will log a warning to the console & server.log so that you can fix the menu entry. This is due to numeric IDs being generally deprecated by both Bukkit and Mojang.
  • Inventory views now have a "spacing" attribute (default 0) - this controls how many blank inventory slots are placed between each icon in the inventory.
  • Multisign view rendering should now be somewhat lighter on CPU when the multisign is only 1 sign wide (regardless of how many signs high)
  • Predefined substitutions in commands (e.g. <EXP>, <MONEY> - see Command Parser) are now done on a command-by-command basis rather than all the very start of command parsing. This means that a chained command like "$x,10 && \\You now have <EXP> experience" now reports the new experience amount instead of the previous amount. The previous behaviour can still be achieved by not using chaining, e.g. "$x,10 \\You had <EXP> experience && You now have <EXP> experience"
  • Predefined substitutions in commands should now be a little lighter on CPU.