ScrollingMenuSign v2.0.0


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    Apr 19, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.1-R0.2
  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


v2.0.0 (19 Apr 2013)

  • Submenu support: any view can now be switched to displaying a different menu using the special "SUBMENU" command. Allows for arbitrary levels of cascading menus all displayable in a single view (sign, map, inventory, spout...). Submenus automatically get a faked "BACK" menu item to switch the view back to the previous menu. See Submenus for more detail.
  • Comprehensive tab completion support when using the Minecraft client to issue /sms commands (not supported from the console, unfortunately). Pressing Tab at any point during entering a command (or any command argument) will either provide a completion for the command, or a list of possible completions.
  • Map views have had a facelift: it's now possible to specify any font known to Java and any fontsize to draw the map text. Custom fonts can easily be used by placing TTF or Type1 font files in plugins/ScrollingMenuSign/fonts. Font & fontsize can be set on a per-view basis, and global defaults can be defined in the Configuration.
  • Added menu item tooltips, displayable by all view types (sign/multisign views use an auxiliary sign beside the main view, inventory views use the item tooltip, spout views use the Spout list widget text, and map views draw a tooltip box on the map). Use /sms edit <menu> <item> -lore <tooltip> to give an item a tooltip.
  • Menus now have attributes, like views already did. Menu attributes are used to set the title, autosorting, default command, and owner. Use the new /sms menu command to view & manage menu attributes. See Usage / Menu Management for more information.
  • Significantly revamped menu & view access control. Menus & views both now have an "owner" attribute. Access control can be specified as open access, owner only, or restricted to owner's primary permission group (Vault required). See Access Control for more details.
  • Added special "POPUP <view-name>" menu command (only usable in menu items) to pop up "poppable" view types (currently, inventory and spout views). Much like the existing /sms view <view-name> -popup command, but doesn't require that the scrollingmenusign.commands.view permission node be given to players.
  • Redstone output: default redstone pulse ticks is now 10, to match that of a stone button (was previously 20 ticks)
  • Redstone output: added new rsoutputmode setting - "radio". This makes the configured output switches behave like a set of radio buttons - when a menu item is clicked, its output switch goes on, and all other output switches for the view go off.
  • Menu and view attributes have description text now, which is displayed when tab completion is used. E.g. /sms menu mymenu title <Tab> will display title = <String> [The menu's displayed title]].
  • If a player uses the mouse wheel to scroll a sign view and is holding Shift, the player's item in hand is no longer changed (if Shift is not held, then the item in hand will still change). Requires CB 1.5.1-R0.2 or later.
  • Added /sms undelete command to restore deleted menus (must be used before server is restarted)
  • Creating a sign with [sms] as the first line, menu name on second line and (if creating a new menu) menu title on third line will now automatically try to turn the sign into a sign view. It's no longer necessary to punch the sign.
  • Command output is now coloured on the console as well as on the client. If you don't want this (e.g. your console doesn't have working ANSI colour support), it can be disabled via new config item coloured_console.
  • Added new scrollingmenusign.limited_admin parent permission node. This is like scrollingmenusign.admin with more limited rights; see Permissions for a full description.
  • Dropped the /sms title, /sms show, /sms defcmd and /sms sort commands, since that functionality is now provided by /sms menu.
  • Dropped the /sms debug command, since debug logging can be controlled with /sms set log_level ...
  • Dropped the maps.break_block_id config item (block to break map views if hit). It just wasn't useful.
  • Dropped the autosave config item. It's always true now.
  • Dropped obsolete menuitem_separator and persistent_user_vars config items.
  • Development: API breakage, especially regarding SMSView and subclasses.
  • On first upgrade to v2.0.0, you may see messages like [ScrollingMenuSign] View mymenu-1: can't set owner='': Unowned views are not allowed in your server log. This is normal (views didn't have an owner in earlier release but do now), and should not been seen on subsequent plugin loads since the plugin will set an owner (default: owner of the view's menu) when the view is loaded.