ScrollingMenuSign v1.3.1


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    Jun 19, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


v1.3.1 (19 Jun 2012)

  • Spout view fix: adjusted height of spout view title (was too high and partway off top of screen)

v1.3.0 (18 Jun 2012)

  • New view type: multisign view. These behave pretty much like ordinary sign views, but can be any number of signs wide or high, allowing for bigger menu displays than the 4x15 text you get with a single sign. See
  • Added Redstone control signs. Any sign (or multi-sign) view can have one or more control signs associated with it. These signs allowing scrolling and execution of the view when they receive redstone signals from configurable directions. See
  • Map views now handle &l, &m, &n, &o, &r control codes properly.
  • New config item: maps.break_block_id - hitting a block with this ID with a map view will erase the view from the map. Default is 0, which means disabled. (This replaces the old non-configurable ID of 20 - glass - so hitting glass with a map no longer erases it).
  • New config items: maps.transfer.to_sign, maps.transfer.from_sign which globally enables/disables transferring of map views to sign views and vice versa (default: true, preserving old behaviour)
  • Fixed problem where negative economy costs (e.g. "$e,-1" to give the player 1 credit) didn't work when using BOSEconomy (and possibly other economy plugins)
  • Sign costs: if items are given to a player and there is no room in their inventory, excess items will now drop at the player's feet (previous behaviour was for excess items to vanish into nowhere)
  • Added new view attributes to all views: "item_justify" and "title_justify". These override the global config settings "item_justify" and "title_justify". Can be one of "left", "right", "center" or "default". "default" means to use the global justification setting and is the default value for both attributes.
  • Map and Spout views now also honour the "item_justify" and "title_justify" config items, and also the new "item_justify" and "title_justify" view attributes. (Exception: Spout views don't support anything other than left-justified menu items, but title justification does work)
  • Added anonymous metrics reporting via Absolutely no personal data is sent; only information on how the plugin is being used. See for more information, including how to disable it if you really want to (but I would prefer that you didn't!)
  • New config item: "log_level". This system replaces the "/sms debug" command, which still exists but is now considered deprecated. "log_level" is "info" by default, but can also be set to "fine", "finer" or "finest" for increasing levels of log detail. All logging information is sent to the console and server.log.
  • Quieter on startup: initialisation messages are now only reported if "log_level" is set to "fine" or higher.
  • API: removed some deprecated methods from SMSMenu, SMSMenuItem, SMSView, SMSScrollableView and SMSMapView.
  • When using Spout, maps which are map views won't have their item name (tooltip) changed to match the menu title, due to a bug in Spoutcraft -
  • When using Spout, there appears to be a problem where if you switch the Spoutcraft client from windowed to full-screen or vice versa (F11 key), spout views stop popping up when their hotkey is pressed. Possible Spoutcraft bug. Easy workaround: press Escape twice to pop the system menu up and down, and spout views will work properly again.