Announce messages using the ScoreBoards feature!


  • Send your players messages using the scoreboard feature added in Minecraft 1.5!
  • A configurable scoreboard title!
  • Complete automation!
  • A reload command (/sba reload)!
  • Configurable interval!
  • Support for colours!
  • An unlimited amount of messages!

What does it look like?

Like so!

How do I set it up?

Follow these steps:

  • Step one: go to the config.yml file.
  • Step two: fill in how long you want the messages to stay at "stayForHowLong". This is in seconds.
  • Step three: fill in what interval you want between the messages at "intervalBetweenMessages". This is also in seconds. It is very important that you make sure this number is bigger than "stayForHowLong". If you fail to do this, this might result in client crashes.
  • Step four: write down your messages. An example of how to do that is given when you first open the config.yml. You must make sure that you follow the rules specified below.

Important notes & tips for messages

Every user of this is recommended to follow the following rules when writing messages. Not following these rules will probably cause client crashes - sometimes for every online player. So, pay attention to these:

  • In the config.yml, you can setup an announcement with the following form (// starts a new line).
  • Title Line//Last Line//Second Line//First Line//.
  • Of course, you can have more than 3 single lines + the title line. This example just illustrates the order of the messages.
  • A single line may not be longer than 16 characters (including spaces and colour codes). Not following this rule will result in client crashes.
  • You can add colour codes by using the basic Minecraft colour codes format. That can be found over here. You must start a colour code with a '&' character. So, for example, if I wanted a red line, I'd use: "&cThis is a red line!".

Commands and permission

In the latest update (version 1.1) I've added some permissions and a command. The plugin now contains the following:

  • scoreboardannouncer.see - Required to receive the messages that the plugin is sending with the ScoreBoard feature. Every player has this permission by default.
  • scoreboardannouncer.command - Required to use any command starting with "/sba" or with "/scoreboardannouncer". Every player has this by default. Note: this permission is pointless on itselves - you'll need other permission, such as "scoreboardannouncer.reload" to actually be able to use those command features.
  • scoreboardannouncer.reload - Required to use the "/sba reload" command. With this command, you can reload the plugin.


Feel free to ask them in the comments.


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