A fun plugin for item Scavenger Hunts!


ScavengerHunt is a simple scavenger hunt event. You can define the items to be scavenged and the rewards for the winner. You can also set mob killing objectives (with more objectives on the way!). It can be run by command and stops when a player acquires the specified items and completes any objectives.

Optional dependency: Vault (If using money rewards)

Commands and Permissions


Source on Github

Known issues

I have not yet fully tested the latest beta release. Use with caution.

Most Recent Version


Initial testing for location objectives

You can now use "sh" as an alias for scavenger commands


Fixed displaying of potions and mob names

Fixed ocelots/iron golems as mob objectives


Added WorldGuard support (see config page)

Added riddleMode (see config page)


iConomy support Now supports all major economy plugins via Vault

Specific WorldGuard region support Basic WG support implemented, more features with it in the future.

More objectives (mob killing, etc.) Mob killing implemented, more objectives such as locations coming soon!

Timed scavenger events

Have a special request?

Leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.


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