Permission Node Description Default
User Permissions
graveyard.respawn Allows player to respawn after death at nearest Graveyard location. true Allows player to discover hidden Graveyards. true
graveyard.list Allows player to list Graveyards. true
group.<group_name> Allow discovery and respawn at Graveyards with group set to <group_name>. false
Admin Permissions
graveyard.admin Parent node that includes all of the following admin permissions. op
graveyard.list.disabled Allows player to view disabled Graveyards in list output. op
graveyard.list.hidden Allows player to view undiscovered Graveyards in list output. op
graveyard.closest Allows command to show name of nearest Graveyard location. op
graveyard.create Allows command to create a new Graveyard at current location. op
graveyard.delete Allows command to delete a Graveyard location. op
graveyard.reload Allows command to reload the configuration file. op
graveyard.set.* Allows setting all Graveyard attributes. op
graveyard.set.enabled Allows command to set a Graveyard's enabled status. op
graveyard.set.hidden Allows command to set a Graveyard's hidden status. op
graveyard.set.location Allows command to reset a Graveyard's location to player's current location. op Allows command to change a Graveyard's display name. op
graveyard.set.discoveryrange Allows command to set a Graveyard's discovery range. op
graveyard.set.discoverymessage Allows command to set a Graveyard's custom discovery message. op
graveyard.set.respawnmessage Allows command to set a Graveyard's custom respawn message. op
graveyard.set.safetytime Allows command to set a Graveyard's custom safety cooldown time. op Allows command to display a Graveyard's attributes and settings. op
graveyard.status Allows command to display plugin settings. op
graveyard.teleport Allows command to teleport to a Graveyard's location. op
graveyard.overwrite Allows overwriting an existing Graveyard with create command.
(Not a child node of graveyard.admin, needs to be set explicitly.