Safe Mining

DeviantArt pic Ever run a RPG world, a minigame server, survival games? Ever run into those team stealers? I know I have on multiple occasions. I have created this with the help of the bukkit community which when a player mines an ore, the drop goes directly into the player's inventory.


  • When you mine ore's, the block goes directly into your inventory.
  • If your inventory is full it drops on the ground
  • Plays a pop sound when mining
  • Has a bypass list which allows you to mine normally
  • Works with all ores
  • Permission based, default to all OP

Future Features

  • Vault support
  • Customizable sounds when mining
  • Custom particle effects
  • Allows you to change the ore to another block after you mine it
  • Allows ores to regenerate if specified in the config
  • Allows you to specify quantity, ie if a player has SafeMining.donator he has a 50% chance of getting twice the drops
  • Support for enchantments

Commands & Permissions

  • /mine or /safemine - Adds you to the bypass list, you can then mine normally
    • SafeMining.mine
  • SafeMining.use - Allows you to mine ores and the drops to appear in inventory
  • SafeMining.mine - to use the /mine command.

Other Info

  • If there are any bugs feel free to contact me in any way, whether this be PM, comment, or a bug report!
  • Enchantments are currently not supported, though will be in the future
  • You are awesome!


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