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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

This Project is currently abandoned (and probably will forever be). See here for a alternative plugin

2-in-1 Stats and Achievements


This plugin logs various player activity as stats in a MySQL or SQLite database. With the integrated achievement system it is possible to award players when they reached a predefined target.

  • Logs block, mob, pvp and miscellaneous player statistics very detailled
  • Logs also crafting statistics when spout is installed
  • Integrated achievements system
  • New database format which is more performant than older databases
  • Integrated time delay to reduce server load and the number of SQL queries
  • Planned web stats system
  • Compatible with every Bukkit version since 1.1-R4
  • Vault (Permissions)
  • Spout (if you want to get crafting stats)
  • /stats help - General Help
  • /stats [<player>] - Shows your stats or stats by <player>.
  • /stats block [<player>] <block>[:<data>] - Shows stats for <block>.
  • /stats pvp [<player>] [<player2>] - Shows PVP stats.
  • /stats mob [<player>] [<mob>] - Shows mob damage stats.
  • /achievements help - General Help
  • /achievements [<player>] - Shows your obtained achievements or achievements obtained by <player>.
  • /achievements list [<page>] - Lists all available achievements.
  • /achievements admin add <name> <description> <category> <block> <data> <value> <command> - Adds a new achievement.
  • /achievements admin remove <id> - Removes the achievement <id>.
  • /achievements admin convert - Convert old achievements.
Achievement Commands
  • /give <block>[:<data>] [<amount>] - gives the player the item <block> <data>
  • All commands available on your server. Example (Essentials warp): /warp darkroom %player%
PermissionDescription own block stats block stats by others own pvp stats pvp stats by others own mob stats mob stats by others
stats.overview.ownShow your overview
stats.overview.otherShow overview by others
stats.receiveLog stats at all (for example not for Guests)
achievements.receiveGives achievements at all (for example not for Guests)
achievements.admin.removeAdmin Command Remove
achievements.admin.addAdmin Command Add
achievements.admin.convertAdmin Command Convert achievements from old DB
achievements.listList all achievements obtained achievements achievements obtained by others
  language: en        # Language (Available: en/de, other languages can be added in plugins/StatsAndAchievements/lang/)
  update-delay: 30    # The time interval in seconds how often the stats will be updated in the database (Default and recommended: 30)
  achievements: true  # Activating and deactivating Achievements
  text_color: '&6'    # Color of command texts (1st color)
  data_color: '&7'    # Color of data output (2nd color)
  debug: false        # Debug output (Default and recommended: false)
  type: mysql         # Database type, either mysql or sqlite
  table_prefix: ''    # Table prefix to save stats of more than one server in a single database
  host: localhost     # Only MySQL: Database server (Default: localhost)
  port: 3306          # Only MySQL: Database server port (MySQL default 3306)
  database: minecraft # Only MySQL: Database name
  user: root          # Only MySQL: Database user
  password: stats123  # Only MySQL: Database password
DisabledWorlds:       # In this worlds the stats will be deactivated
- disabledworld1
- creative
  blockStats: true         # Block related stats
  brewingStats: true       # Brewing related stats (maybe bugged)
  craftingStats: true      # Crafting related stats (maybe bugged)
  enchantingStats: true    # Enchanting related stats (maybe bugged)
  entityStats: true        # Entity related stats
  playerStats: true        # Player related stats (Your really should NOT disable this or you'll break everything!)
  playerMoveStats: true    # Player move stats (if you experience lags you should set this to false)
  vehicleStats: true       # Vehicle related stats
Language file formating
{br}            - Line break
&[0-f]          - Color codes (
%[A-Z0-9]%      - Internal variables, don't supposed to be translated!


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