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Staff Login


StaffLogin for Bukkit

Before Installation, Please Follow The Installation Steps!!

What is StaffLogin?

StaffLogin is a bukkit plugin that enhances security for your server. It denies server staff from using any commands in the customisable command-block list until after they securely 'log in'.

For a staff member to securely 'log in', they must register as a staff player on the server, using their email address and the register command. (They only have to register once. Once they are registered, they can log in as much as they like with their passcode.)

A random generated 10-digit code is then emailed to their email address, and the player wanting to register as a staff player must use that code to log in on the server.

Before the player can log in using that code, they must verify themself using the code. After they are verified, they can log in using the StaffLogin login command and their new generated code.

The code that is generated can be customised by the registered player once logged in. When the player successfully logs-in with their pass-code, they have access to all of their assigned commands and permissions.

If the player is unsuccessful with specifying the correct log-in passcode more than 3 times, they are kicked from the server.

Why use StaffLogin?

  • Prevent staff abusing powerful commands.
  • Obtain a layer of security for your server.
  • StaffLogin has an awesome automatic email system.
  • Highly customisable.

StaffLogin Features:

  • A customisable Blocked-Command list - Allows the adding and removing of commands to config that you don't want staff players to use unless they have securely logged in.
  • Automatic email system - Emails player's their generated pass-codes for logging in.
  • Can toggle whether both admin and moderators have to securely log on, or just have either one.
  • Provides your server with security, and prevents hackers / siblings of staff players from logging into staff player accounts and exploiting your server using staff commands.

Installation Steps:

  1. Download the StaffLogin bukkit plugin which is available on this page, and place it in your server plugins folder.
  2. Download the lib folder from this link, then extract it, and place it in your server plugins folder.
  3. Create a new Gmail account for your server, or use an existing one. Set the ServerName, ServerEmail and EmailPassword values in the StaffLogin config.
  4. Manage the Blocked-Cmd list in the config. Make sure that you have written the commands that you would like blocked by staff members who are not logged in. You can also manage this ingame using the /sl cmd
  5. Set the correct permissions for your players / ranks. All staff should have sl.login, Admins should have sl.admin, moderators should have sl.mod, and OPs should have sl.bypass.


Staff Commands:

  • /login - Log in to their staff position using their passcode.
  • /l - A list of available commands.
  • /l forgot - Server sends an email with a new generated code to player's email address.
  • /l register emailaddress - Register yourself as a staff member on the server.
  • /l unregister - Unregister yourself as a staff member.
  • /l me - Display your registration details.
  • /l verify yourpasscode - Verify yourself with your newly generated registration code.
  • /l passcode yournewpasscode - Change your passcode to a new one.

OP Commands:

  • /sl - A list of available commands.
  • /sl register player'semailaddress - Register another player using their email address.
  • /sl unregister playername - Unregister another staff member.
  • /sl me playername - Display registration details of another player.
  • /sl all - Display how many registered and logged-in players there are.
  • /sl email playername newemailaddress - Change the email address of another registered player.
  • /sl passcode playername newpasscode - Change the passcode of another registered player.
  • /sl perm - View all the permission nodes provided by StaffLogin.
  • /sl config - Edit config values in-game using this command.
  • /sl cmd - Customise the blocked-cmd list.


  • sl.login - All staff members that need to register/log-in must have this permission.
  • sl.admin - Server administrators should have this permission.
  • sl.mod - Server moderators should have this permission.
  • sl.bypass - Only OPs should have this permission, as it grants access to the OP commands.

Troubleshooting / Errors:

  • Before you panic, make sure that you have the lib folder inside your server plugins folder.
  • Make sure you have an internet connection for your server.
  • Make sure you have correct and working email details in the config.
  • Check to see if you have given players / ranks the correct permission nodes.
  • If for some reason you are deleting the config or plugin, make sure your server is turned off before you do so.

Todo List:

  • Metrics support
  • Allow customisation of any email provider instead of using only GMail.
  • Fix login message being displayed twice for OPs.
  • Display a login message to players who still need to verify themselves.
  • Change various variable scopes within the code to improve speed.
  • Email player when their account has been kicked for incorrect login attempts.
  • Possible database storage instead of config
  • Have suggestions? Give webicex a message on Bukkit Dev.

Source Code:

Apart of the Webicex Network.


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