== Purpose ==

The goal of this plugin is to add some configuration options to Minecarts while maintaining a vanilla feel to their usage. There are 4 main features to this plugin each of which can be configured independently without needing to significantly remodel your rail networks to utilize.
  • Minecart Speed - The Max Velocity of the Minecarts (faster or slower).
  • Minecart Momentum - How much speed/distance is obtained from a single powered rail.
  • Modified Carts - Which carts are affected by these properties.
  • Cart Derailment - Carts will (configurable) automatically slow for corners and slopes to prevent derailment.

== Usage ==

To allow for a seamless integration into your server there are no complicated commands to learn or permissions to modify for the users. Once enabled all configured carts will receive the modified properties.
/bc reloadReloads the Plugin Reading any modified configuration.
This node defaults to OP but can also be executed from the server console.

Each of the types of minetrack plays a unique purpose with this plugin:
    • Rail - This the standard track in Minecraft. The usage and properties of this track has NOT been modified
    • Powered Rail - The powered rail (Gold Track) has been modified such that a Single track is required to reach max velocity. The momentum setting of this plugin will affect how far a cart will travel while at max velocity. An un-powered track will set the current velocity to 0 instantly.
    • Activator Rail - The activator rail will now update the max velocity of the cart that crosses it to the setting defined in the plugin. This allows you to define segments of your railroad that will receive the speed boost.
    • Detector Rail - Detectors work similar to Activators but rather than increase the max velocity of the cart they reset it back to vanilla Minecraft. This allows for carts to be slowed before entering intersections, slopes and corners preventing issues with de-railment or bounce-back.

== Configuration ==

The configuration file allows you to define the properties of the minecarts as well as which carts are affected by these changes.
  # Razoul's BetterCarts config file
  # Momentum: How far a cart will travel (def: 32)
  # Speed: How fast the cart will travel (def: 8)
  # Derail: Allow carts to derail on slopes/corners (def: true)
  # Rideable: Apply properties to passenger carts.
  # Explosive: Apply properties to explosive (tnt) carts.
  # Hopper: Apply properties to hopper carts.
  # Powered: Apply properties to powered (furnace) carts.
  # Storage: Apply properties to storage (chest) carts.

    momentum: 128
    speed: 16
    derail: true
   rideable: true
   explosive: false
   hopper: false
   powered: false
   storage: true

== Misc ==

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