Configuration (complicated) - Permissions

Well, I suppose to many of you out there, permissions aren't more complicated than the disabled-runes.txt. They're pretty simple. Runecraft has a bukkit config.yml that has a few options in it, detailed below.

The "permissions" section here provides a simple bukkit blanket, should you not be using a configuration with a permissions plugin, you can simply set the top two to "true" to enable that. If you're wanting to restrict runes or TPs per user group, have those options set to false.

 teleport: true
 runes: true
 compass-old-north: false
 recall-weakness: false

Recall weakness is a PVP option that gives the player 30 seconds of 'weakness' potion debuff after recalling. Recall is a very popular PVP escape option, and this was designed to try balance that. compass-old-north was for when Notch changed which direction North was on the server, and this confused things. not really necessary anymore.

In terms of individual permissions for players or groups, the nodes are like follow.



Each individual type of rune has an associated "runecraft.runes.??" permissions node like that. Note that spaces are removed, and it's not capitalized.


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