Hex/Curse: Vunerability #77

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  • _ForgeUser11214193 created this issue May 8, 2013

    You're good at thinking of patterns, I won't do that for you.

    What it could do would be amplifying taken damage or working oppositely to the Endurance rune (I don't know current ratios on prolonging ticks in the E rune, but I guess it couldn't be done same way but reversed, it shouldn't feel as insta-burn at fire trap + damage amplificator. I'm sure you can balance it). Maybe both.

    Also whether time/affected uses limit would be better is also disscusional, I pref time one I think.

    Cheers, great work!!!111oneone <3

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  • Rivkiin posted a comment Jan 27, 2015

    We can perhaps use the weakness potion data to help with this. :)

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