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  • _ForgeUser8370342 created this issue Feb 27, 2013

    Diamond is used as tool for hexes, you can bind curses into it and affect blocks, even such as chests and doors, which can get rather annoying if you have some Runecraft Trolls on your server, cursing around, even in areas that should be safe.

    Disabling all dangerous runes is no fun, and throwing around T3 dispells neither >=p - even more if you dont really know what really has been cursed.

    Idea is to have an emerald gem that works as detector/some sort if Identifier, if you rightclick with it at a cursed block.
    The player with the detection gem would not get cursed if he uses this item to check on blocks.

    As additional enhancement, maybe appearing for Admins only (check on permissions ? Or adding their names manually in a server TXT file ?) as Text inside the game when they are using the Curse Detection Gem, would be WHO (playername) has been cursing that block, making it easier to track that Troll down.

    As for the rune pattern, either bind all the existing hexes into the emerald gem and make that suffice, or add a new "detector" rune (detector rails ? ;)) after having bound all hexes into the emerald crystal.

    The number of uses for the curse detection gem should be limited by either the used Tier in the hexes, or, if a new "detector rune" would be needed, the Tier used in there.

    A possibly further use for the emerald crystal could also be to HEAL affected PLAYERS by hitting/leftclicking with the crystal, in case some sort of automated "Counter-Curse-shower" will NOT be implemented in Runecraft (if it will, just ignore the following text ;)).

    This is how the procedure could be going:

    1. Take an unenchanted emerald gem, bind all the 3 hexes into it (or maybe just a "detector rune")

    2. Rename and engrave it.

    3. Check the cursed player - or player has already checked himself at a normal Identifier and told you what he is cursed with and with how many strength etc.; *COULD* be a problem to tell you the strength if he is affected with high tier Babel! Hence why it could be helpful for the emerald crystal to be able to work as an Identifier tool even when rightclicking also at players. Not to mention that there could be upcoming lots of more curses.. hehehe...)

    4. Now that you know with what the player is affected and with how much strength, you set up a Touch Hex rune, consume it with the Healing Emerald Gem, then you set up either the Butterfingers or the Babel Counter-Curse, consume it with the Gem, too, and then hit/leftclick the cursed player. The hereby used Tier will either subduct or even totally erase the curse, depending on the Tier that has been used for the curse itself.


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  • _ForgeUser8370342 posted a comment Feb 27, 2013

    Ah, forgot it: Maybe also the possibility to somehow store a T3 dispell inside the Gem, so you could clear the affected area with leftclick ?

    Detection with rightclick, healing either area or player with leftclick.

    You could have 1 Gem for Dispell and 1 for healing players, or just 1 with both or you'd have to decide which you want to bind onto it, given the situation (cursed player or area/blocks).

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