Feature requests (bundle): Configuration release 4.0 #160

  • Enhancement
  • SpigotSlimeDog created this issue Jan 3, 2019

    The following is a list of enhancements that would bring Runecraft into line with standard plugin practice.


    • Merge all configuration parameters into plugins/Runecraft/config.yml.
      • Current content of plugins/Runecraft/config.yml.
      • Configuration-specific content of disabled-runes.txt, in YAML form.
      • Expose all configuration options (enable/disable boss bar, for example).
    • Move list of runes from disabled-runes.txt to plugins/Runecraft/runes.yml. Add enable:true/false key for each rune (true by default for all but magmagel, redemption, salvation).
    • Support rune pattern definition, for customization. Something like:
        xxx xxx
          x: COBBLESTONE
    • If any content remains in disabled-runes.txt, move it from the main Spigot directory to plugins/Runecraft/disabled-runes.txtPreferably, make in a YAML file: plugins/Runecraft/disabled-runes.yml.
    • Create plugins/Runecraft/messages.yml or similar to support localization/customization of all messages. Include in-game and console/log prefixes.
    • Even better, support multiple language files, and set default language in plugins/Runecraft/config.yml.
    • Move energy.dat, magic.dat, and magic_waypoints.dat from world/ to plugins/Runecraft/.
    • Ensure that all runes work correctly in creative mode. For example, replace left-click actions.
  • SpigotSlimeDog added a tag Enhancement Jan 3, 2019

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