Some intresting runes for allowing full rune life (or something like that) #149

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  • xwerffx created this issue Jun 6, 2016

    Ok, first of all, i will paste the main ideas.
    Next i will paste a Skype log/chat that i had with Rivkiin

    The monk/brawler fists rune

    This rune increases your unarmed damange, only when no item or weapon is present on the slot, via this formula: Tier of the consumed blocks +1 damange. So tier 1 adds a +2 damage (1 hearth) tier 2 +3 damage (1 and half a hearth) and so on.

    Also each time you hit something and use the rune effect, you will lose an amount of runic energy equal to: added damange x15 so a tier 1 will cost 30 energy, tier 2 45 energy and so on.
    (The quantity could change, but it should be something not too costly, but not so cheap, and i find this price right :D)

    Reinforced body rune
    This rule will decrease the damange taken, on and amount defined by this formula: Tier/2 (rounded up) +1 so tier 1 and 2 will reduce 2 damage (1 hearth), tier 3 and 4 will reduce 3 damange (1 and half a hearth) and so on. They will ONLY take effect if you are NOT WEARING any kind of armor (heads, pumkims, and elytra excluded).
    Each time you recive damage you will lose a energy equal to the damange blocked by the rune x30. So if you recive (using a tier 3/4 effect) the attack of one zombie (on hard mode) wich is two hearts (4 damage) the rune will soak up to 3 damage (1 and half a hearth) if you have 90 energy to spare, if you have less, it will soak the amount it can. So if you have 90 energy you will recieve only 1 damage (half a hearth) if you have 60, 2 damange, and if you have 30 you will recive 3 damange. (If you have no energy... well... take all of this damage pleaaaseeee)

    The sape of the rules left it for you to think one you may find balanced, but only the tier/tiered blocks should be comsumed. Also don't make it too hard to make, because it will break the pourpose of this runes :P
    Also, when you die you will lose the effect of the runes.


    [14:42:43] xwerffx: hi rivkiin :D

    [14:42:57] xwerffx: i was wondering, if i could suggest you a rune

    [14:43:16] xwerffx: a combat related rune, oriented for rune users

    [14:43:19] xwerffx: well 2 of them XD

    [14:43:42 | Editado 14:43:33] xwerffx: oriented towards the 1.9 combat mechanic changes

    [14:56:48 | Borrado 14:57:18] xwerffx: Este mensaje ha sido borrado

    [14:56:53 | Borrado 14:57:22] xwerffx: Este mensaje ha sido borrado

    [14:57:14] xwerffx: [RUNES EXPLAINED HERE SO REMOVED]

    [14:57:42] xwerffx: Well, what do you think about them?

    [15:27:35] xwerffx: Rivkiin????

    [15:28:04] xwerffx: well, when you had it read it tell me your opinion ok?

    [19:14:43] Rivkiin: I wasn't awake until now

    [20:08:25] xwerffx: ok sorry xD

    [20:08:41] xwerffx: we have diferent day hours XD

    [20:08:45] Rivkiin: All good. :)

    [20:09:05] xwerffx: will you add (or think about adding) it?

    [20:09:35] Rivkiin: Endurance basically does what you are asking for with the reinforced body rune, but it has to be on armor.

    [20:09:41] xwerffx: yep

    [20:10:02] xwerffx: but i want it for like, "unarmed and unarmored" runecraft players

    [20:10:14] xwerffx: like, a player who plays using "only" runes

    [20:10:22] xwerffx: do you know what i mean with it? XD

    [20:11:29] Rivkiin: I do. You want to play a monk essentially.

    [20:11:37] xwerffx: yep monk/brawler

    [20:11:44] xwerffx: at least in terms of "runecraft" XD

    [20:11:52] Rivkiin: Make a ticket about it on, that way the other devs can see it.

    [20:11:56] xwerffx: it won't have a lot of damange

    [20:11:57] xwerffx: ok

    [20:12:34] xwerffx: do you have any problem if i send all of the Skype log on the ticket?

    [20:13:04] Rivkiin: Not really.

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