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    May 25, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1



  • REMOVED OBSOLETE RUNES: Shrub Seed, Fairy Boots, Secret Panel, Secret Passage, and Spider Touch.

NEW RUNE: Inheritance lets you keep your inventory and xp after death.
NEW RUNE: Genesis rune completion, creation of your own personal void world.

FIX: Bow runes functioning as intended.
FIX: Hell's Maw no longer removing chunks.
FIX: Genesis no longer duplicates blocks and removes rune.
FIX: Freezer no longer removes chests and other transparent blocks.
FIX: Pegasus fixed!
FIX: Reality Master Rebalance: now consumes fuel at 4x the previous rate so that it is no longer self-sustaining. Only redstone is acceptable fuel. Your server economy will thank you.
FIX: Uncrafter: this rune is disabled by default because any plugin that gives players more than one ingot per ore can be exploited for infinite resources. Remove the # on the uncrafter line in disabled-runes.txt in order to re-enable this rune on your server.

Essentials sometimes breaks Inheritance. This issue comes up sometimes, but not always.