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    Jul 27, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.2


Secondary release candidate for 2.17!

Known bugs:
Beacons lose effect on being moved by FTP/Pegasus
memento seems less than reliable

New runes/ features:

  • Memento (keeps chunks loaded for a time, requires fuel)
  • Reality Anchor
  • Reality Master (use with Anchor for rapid construction)
  • Freightpoint
  • Freight Teleporter (Teleport the contents of chests, perfect for the redstone update)
  • Siege Bow (create minor explosions on impact. Broken due to 1.5 update)
  • Flight ward (quartz steps, supresses the flight effect when players enter it's radius)
  • Endurance persists after log-off, and in general works again.

  • permissions strings in bukkit now search for strings WITHOUT SPACES (fixes several bugs) e.g. runes.powerpick
  • when there are two conditions that block runes in Disabled-runes.txt, the less generalized one acts as an exception
    - example
    - Faithpoint (blocks faithpoints for everyone)
    - Faithpoint Ctri (combined with above, means Ctri is the only one who can make faithpoints. Previously this second line would have done nothing)
  • World groups: Allow you to prevent the summoning of Zeerix chests, and teleportation between specific groups of world (e.g. seperating creative and survival and PVP worlds, on larger servers) This is done with the World ID that is displayed on the console, and in the server.log, on startup

Any bugs not listed above, please feedback with a ticket.