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  • 1.13


Oh gods, this is a big one:

This version is 1.13-1.13.2.
This version has it so you can gain Energy via tossing items into Fire/Lava, Aether Chest, and Rune Creation.

===Bug Fixes===
Can no longer create a Rubrik if the cost is > 5 million energy.
Can no longer place your Spring String down. YAY!
Topsy Turvy now flips slabs properly.
Fixed some Faith Rune loading issues.
More robust RuneLogging.
Fixed Reality Master ignore list issues.
Fixed RunePoint facing not saving on FTP.
Fixed Mineshaft not placing stairs in correct directions.
Fixed Transmutation not placing Tripwire and breaking block when a non-block is in the slot.
Fixed signs losing text on Pegasus.
Fixed Faith not being able to move Brewing Stands.
Fixed Shell crashing servers.
Fixed Tranquility Totem related lag.
Fixed Rubrik files not being created.
Fixed Reality Master not placing blocks properly.

===Energy Changes===
Reduced the cost for Divers Helmet and Endurance.
Increased the cost of all Runes that break blocks.
Reduced the cost of Infested Blocks.
Increased the cost of Emerald Ore.
Fixed the cost of Wither Skulls.
Reduced the cost of Apples.
Changed the cost on Bells.

===Rune Changes===
Torch Bearer got buffed!

Recall can now recall foxes and the golems!
QoL changes to Teleportation in general.
Uninitiated Players teleport with no Energy Cost.
Freight Teleporter Pattern change. Check the wiki.