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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.13


Bug Fixes
* You cannot gain or spend energy in creative.
* When Black Magic is disabled True Name shenanigans will no longer activate.
* Accelerator is now working as intended.
* Shield messages have been fixed.
* Faith's should no longer break when using an FTP or Pegasus.
* Flotilla now works with all log types.
* Faith's now maintain beacon effects.
* Diviner is now less greedy, and will allow blocks to be broken when they are next to it.
* Melon and Experience Bottle energy values have been reduced.
* Faith bounce columns are now working as intended.
* Recall is now working as intended.
* Recall also now recalls villagers.
* Energy exploits on certain items have been resolved, as well as a few transmutation exploits.
* Reality Master and Hell Maw now follow build and break permissions.
* If you are OP you will be able to use debug stuff this time.
* Spawners really can't be moved to the Nether this time.
* Multiple issues with mcMMO compatibility have been resolved
* True Name skulls that are transmuted are no longer True Named
* Villager data is now recalled as well.
* The Aether is getting greedy. It now requires you build an entire base for your Genesis, of any base materials to create a fully powered beacon, otherwise it will not grant you a new dimension.
* Any ward but a flight ward disabling flight has been fixed.
* Significant TPS drops due to certain criteria that affected ~60% of servers has been resolved as of commit 850b97b6. We've seen improvements from sub-10 TPS rising to an average of 19.98 under same conditions and load as previously.
* A significant issue with automation and old world IDs lingering (mostly legacy data issues) has been resolved.
* Magic now flips with Topsy Turvy
* Mound has been rewritten and is now working as intended
* Power Tool synergies are now working as intended
* Warp has been rewritten and is now working as intended

Quality of life changes
* Block break and place logging compatibility with runes.
* Teleport requests have had their messages updated for player comfort.
* Shell timing has been changed to hopefully prevent server crashes on large glass shells.
* Levitation Obelisks no longer bump you up when you enter the flight radius, but will maintain particle effects to denote you are in a flight area.
* Recalls that are activated on Faith islands will now follow the island when it moves.
* McMMO compatibility with runes has been addressed and touched up
* 1.13+ Compatibility
* Blocks will no longer trigger pressure sensor
* Glowstick now shows players in different colors based on criteria. Developers are in yellow, Initiated players are purple, and non initiated players are green.
* There's a space inside Force Field where you can move without holding the key block

Rune changes
* Transmuting a shulker box with runes will remove the runes from the items
* Transmutation disc now has a max radius of 23 blocks
* Diamond armor is no longer a counter to Shield
* Shield now has particle effects to show it's active
* Toggle Blocks now ignore hoes, place-able items, and do not activate on container use.
* Using a gold ingot on Immersion will show all Faith locations
* Levitation particles now show for all players in the field
* Power Hoe now uses a right click trigger instead of breaking the block
* Identifier now shows animal information with right click, and block information with left click
* Transmuted shulker boxes with skulls inside will be reverted to default Steve skulls
* Genesis has returned with new functionality (described below)
* Teleport requests with can now be denied by jumping.
* You cannot FTP a Faith while in Creative
* You cannot create True Name Rune while in Creative.
* Freight Teleporter can not be used while in creative.
* Chrono Trigger can only be activated every 20 minutes real time. This means that you have to have a night cycle at least once.
* Permanence gives the tool the Unbreakable tag.
* Endurance has a new system (described below), as well as a pattern change. It now requires four obsidian to offset the cost.
* Cold Feet now produces packed ice instead of regular ice.
* Cold Feet charges for packed ice.
* Cold Feet won't activate while you're crouching.
* Cold Feet now follows build permissions.
* Forcefield now shows you one letter of the key item if you're holding a diviner rune.
* Lock, Toggle, and Spleef blocks are now designators instead of block usages.
* Power Tool (pick and shovel only) can now toggle the distance they mine. They'll maintain a 3x3xN area to mine. The N can be changed by right clicking the tool in the air (to maintain light pick right clicking a block), and will rotate from 3 to 15, and then cycle back around to 3.
* Flotilla will now give a different type of boat depending on the type of log used.
* Bow of Translocation will now swap your position with a hit entity
* Shell can be used free standing, or on a Faith. When used on a Faith it no longer needs to be in the center, it can find a Faith.
* Power Drill has been removed.
* Mineshaft gives energy for broken blocks instead of dropping the blocks
* Immersion now resets energy map with gunpowder, and immerses OPs with a bowl
* Dispel will now show all runes on an item with T1 that you can select to remove (activate with the item you'd like to dispel). T2+ is a radius based dispel to remove runes in the area.

New Rune
* Tranquility Obelisk
* This rune suppresses the spawns of hostile mobs in a set radius.
* Submitted by wispoffates

Endurance Changes
* Endurance now requires 4 obsidian in the corners to activate.
* Endurance can now only be activated on Runic Armor
* Endurance now gives 15% damage resistance per piece of Endurance powered Runic Armor worn.
* Endurance now takes 3 diamonds worth of energy for every heart protected.

Genesis Changes
* Genesis bases now must be entirely powered to activate Genesis.
* Only the owner of the Genesis and an OP can break the base of the Genesis world.
* Breaking the base of your Genesis will cause the dimension to collapse. It will initiate a 60 second timer to deletion. This can be stopped by replacing the base material/beacon.
* New world types! You can now change the clay block with two other blocks to define the type of world. Clay block is overworld, netherrack is nether world, and end stone is a void world.

Known Caveats
* Multishot takes tipped and spectral arrows when it shouldn't.
* Transmuting a large radius disc might cause server lag/crash.
* Shulker boxes may lose their items when FTP-ed while placed down or Rubrik-ed.
* Large glass shells might cause server lag/crash.