V2.0.0 - 02/09/13 - Rework and PR Repair

Note: If you had a previous version of this plugin, please delete the old config and let it be regenerated for you.

Added - Messages to inform the user of their rewards for agreeing
Added - Update Checker (Can be disabled in config)
Added - New configuration option "QuiteUpdateNotification"
Fixed - The error in the name in the config
Fixed - Improper checking of variables leading to only the default item being given
Fixed - Rewards not being set properly
Fixed - Commands entered into the "Command" field now properly function as intended
Fixed - Commands that are not meant to be be run through the console no longer can be.
Fixed - Reload now properly reloads the config (For real now!)
Changed - Cleaned up the code after the mess of a rush to get 1.7.0 out
Removed - "UpdateGroup" from the config to make the plugin more flexible you can now use the command instead

12/11/12 - Custom Commands and Code Revamp (Plus fixes)

Important Note: Previous versions of the config will not allow the new features I have implemented. Delete it and let the plugin create a new file for you.**

  • Added - A new command section that allows you to put in any number of custom commands seperated by comma's (Do not include '/' at the start)
  • Updated - Fixed up the code to run more effectively and make additional coding in the future simplier.
  • Updated - Several checks were using different methods that made things more complicated, they have been removed and changed to the proper checks.
  • Fixed - If you were to leave fields blank before the plugin assumed there was a problem. No longer will throw errors due to blank fields.
  • Fixed - Possible bug that if you had disabled money that once a user accepted the rules they would still be able to accept the rules and gain other rewards.

12/1/12 V1.6.5 - Statistics and Fixes

  • Added - Statics gathering!
  • Fixed - If group name was left blank it caused an error, even when false.

11/28/12 V1.6.1 - Quick Fix

Fixed - Rules not properly loading. There is no need to reload after changing the rules, once you save the new rules, they will be displayed when a user uses /rules.

11/27/12 V1.6 - It's raining Money! (And/or Items!)

Important Note: Please delete your config file and let the plugin make a new one. The new configurations ARE NOT compatible with previous versions.

Added - Protection against new settings being set up improperly
Added - Ability to give BOTH money and an item.
Changed - Made the code easier to read and manage. Kind of.

11/26/12 V1.5.2 - Bug Squashing

Fixed - Color Coding not being passed properly to MOTD
Fixed - Bybass that allowed users to get rewarded more than once (Using /rules and then /acceptrules again)
Fixed - Database incorrectly storing values (Duplicating)

V 1.5.1 11/25/12 - Quick Fix

Fixed - MOTD was not being checked and was assumed false. Now works properly again.

V 1.5 11/25/12 - Permissions and Groups

Note: Delete config file and let it be remade for you if you downloaded a version prior to this and want to include groups. The new config is much cleaner with comments now.

+ Ability to change player's usergroup after they accept the rules
+ Protection against missing configuration options
+ Comments to the config file!
+ Permission support (rr.admin - Allows you to use purge/reload commands without OP)
@ Made warning messages actually show as warning messages.
@ Cleaned up the code, making it use slightly less resources (Not a big deal with a simple plugin like this)
Fixed - Reload not properly functioning

11/24/12 V1.4 - Super Features Installed!

+ Color Support for rules and configurable messages
+ Economy Support using Vault
+ Ability to pay users virtual money instead of giving them items.
+ Protection against empty config values
+ Protection against not having an economy plugin installed (Making it also not required)
+ Protection against incorrect reward value
Fixed - Not able to config the deny message

11/23/12 v1.1 - Quick Fix

Fixed - Rules.txt not reloading properly
Fixed - Storage file failing to log properly

11/23/12 v1.0 - More features!

+ Command "/rr reload" - Reloads config files
+ Configurable Reward/Deny messages
+ Command "/rr purge" - Removes all names from having been rewarded
+ Protection against empty Reward/Deny messages
+ Checks to make sure that the user has first read the rules before giving them the reward.

11/22/12 v0.8 - Release

+ Reward
+ Rules Command "/rules"
+ AcceptRules Command "/acceptrules"
+ Made reward configurable
+ Configurable MOTD
+ Storage to ensure people don't double-dip

11/20/12 v 0.1 - Coding Began