RPGInventory v1.0.4


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    Sep 8, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1
  • 1.8



  • Fixed a bug that occurs when a player dies
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when attack


  • Removed debug info
  • Fixed a bug due to which you have lost inventory in the transition to the creative mode


  • New: When you change the location of the slot, things are in there too changes its location
  • Improved validation of the configuration of slots (slots.yml)
  • Fixed a bug with the automatic weapon "whip out"
  • Fixed bugs that occurred with the pets, with the taming of ordinary wolves. For example, all tamed wolves were removed when removing the pet item from the pet slot
  • Fixed option pet revival: false
  • Fixed a bug due to which items validation not taken into account their metadata
  • Fixed a bug due to which work incorrectly slot assigned to the 0-th position of inventory
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was possible to kill a pet from bow


  • Added config auto-updater
  • Added feature to spend levels for slot
  • Added feature to disable slot buying
  • Changed: Slot of pet and workbench moved to slots.yml (now you can remove them from your inventory)
  • Fixed armor slots
  • Fixed bug with pets


  • New: Unlocked all slots
  • New slots system, now you can fully configure inventory. For example, you can add a 2nd weapon slot or add slot for backpack
  • New: –°rafting area removed from inventory and replaced with a workbench button
  • Changed protection of weapon slot
  • Fixed dupe with chests
    • API Updated!
      Textures changed, download it again!**