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RPGCraft is a custom RPG plugin I have been working on for over a year now.

I would like to introduce to the community and get some feedback on what you all think.

I want to warn you that this plugin is going to be a "total conversion" type plugin for minecraft. My goal with this is to make a role playing environment when each player can be part of a community and play a role in the minecraft world.

Features at a Glance

  • Custom Race Options
  • Currency (Coin Drops)
  • 4 Distinct Races to choose from. Each with their own pros and cons
  • Several tradeskills / professions to take part in. Mining and Farming are complete now.
  • Fully overhauled combat system.
    • Leveled Mobs
    • Attacks and defending blows rely on your skill and include randomness not seen before in Minecraft
    • Fully Taken over all Mob spawning, with optimized way to spawn mobs without lagging a server
  • Plus much more.

To see more about this plugin check out my Youtube Videos on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WXjxQgyj6o

My plan is to get some form of this plugin online for your guys to test very soon.


Due to the custom items added in this mod as well as the custom User Interfaces there are some required plugins. My goal is to minimize the required plugins.

  • SpoutPlugin
  • Essentials (Maybe... I need to test some more)
  • Vault

Final Notes

I have put a lot of time and dedication into this plugin. My ultimate goal here is to take Minecraft and use it as a Foundation to use for creating a true RPG game with a Minecraft face :)

I will carry on with more info on this BukkitDev Page as I can.


If you feel generous and feel like supporting the project you may do so using paypal. Please use [email protected] Thank you very much...


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