general variables

the players current nickname
String NickName

the players actual name
String realName

player TP invite state
Boolean hasTpInvite

is the player currently in a menu
Boolean isInMenu

get wether a player has moved from a previous position
Boolean hasMoved

player Lawful / neutral / chaotic alignment
String playerLCAlignment

players Good Neutral Evil Alignment
String playerGEAlignment

Rpg Races Variables

players race name
String race

rpgfood variables

is the player currently eatting
Boolean isEating

does the player already have a food buff
Boolean hasBuff

rpg party variables

does the player have a pending party invite
Boolean isPartyInvited

does the player want a gui to automatically
open when being invited to partys
Boolean partyGui

is the player in a party
Boolean isInParty

auto pass on rolls
Boolean allPass

auto need on rolls
Boolean allNeed

auto greed on rolls
Boolean allGreed

auto open loot window for player
Boolean lootGui

rpg guilds variables

does the player have a pending guild invite
Boolean isGuildInvited

should the guild accept gui auto open on a guild invitation
Boolean guildGui

is the player in a guild
Boolean isInGuild

what is the players guild name
String guild

what is the players rank within a guild
String guildRank

rpg friends variables

should the friend gui auto open on friend invite?
Boolean friendsGui

player friends list
List<String> friendsList

trade variables

is the player currently in trade
Boolean isInTrade

the players total Copper
Integer copper

the player total Silver
Integer silver

the players total Gold
Integer gold

the players total Platinum
Integer platinum

chat variables

all channels a player is in
List<String> chatChannels

colors of chat channel mapped to channel name
Map<String, Integer> channelColors

active channel a player is talking in
String activeChannel

all players on ignore
List<String> ignoreList

does the player have a pending chat invite
Boolean isChatInvited

list of channels the player has invites for
List<String> invitedChats

list of channels the player is banned from
List<String> bannedChats

list of channels the player is muted in
List<String> mutedChats

list of channels the player owns
List<String> ownedChats

list of channels the player is a mod in
List<String> modChats

is chat spy toggled on or off
Boolean chatSpy

booleans for which message prefixes are shown in chat

rpg achievements variables

players active prefix title
String activePrefix

players active suffix title
String activeSuffix

list of all titles a player has earned
List<String> titles

rpg click variables

should the player use the default shift click on player behavior
Boolean defaultClick

rpg language variables

players active spoken language
String activeLanguage

all languages a player knows
List<String> knownLanguages

should languages a player doesn't know be shown in chat?
Boolean showLanguages

rpg lobby variables

is the player in a lobby?
Boolean isInLobby

serialised armor inventory for a player
String armorInventory

serialised inventory for a player
String inventoryContents

players current health upon entering a lobby
Integer currentHealth

a players x coords before entering lobby
Double oldX

a players y coords before entering lobby
Double oldY

a players z coords before entering lobby
Double oldZ

a players world name before entering lobby
String oldWorld

rpg minions

list of all p-ets a player owns
List<String> petsOwned

does the player have an active pet
Boolean hasActivePet

active pets name
String activePet

does the player have agro
Boolean hasAgro

is the player in combat
Boolean isInCombat

a players current agro rating
Integer agro

rpg Quest variables - comming soon?

players quests that are currently active
List<String> currentQuests

quests a player has completed
List<String> completedQuests

stages of each quest a player is on
Map<String, Integer> questStages

players "activated" quest
String activeQuest

how many counter based goals are completed for quest - String
Map<String, Integer> questGoalCount

Reputations variables

number for current reputation with a faction
Map<Reputation, Integer> reputationLevels

wether or not a player has discovered a factions existance
Map<Reputation, Boolean> factionsDiscovered

rpg Spawns

does the player have a pending rez?
Boolean hasRez

is the player currently rezz'ing someone
Boolean isRezzing

is the player dead
Boolean isDead

rpgclasses variables

players class name
String playerClass

a map of the values for every player stat (sorted by enum)
Map<PlayerStat, Integer> stats

a map of the strings for all a players text bassed stats (sorted by enum)
Map<PlayerText, String> playerText

true or false for each type of damage a player is resistant to
Map<DamageType, Boolean> drTypes

true or false for the damage types a player is currently doing
Map<DamageType, Boolean> dmgType

true or false for the elemental damage types a player is currently doing
Map<ElementalType, Boolean> elemDmgtype

true or false for each type of elemental damage a player is resistant to
Map<ElementalType, Boolean> elemRestype

list of all feats a player has
List<Feat> hasFeats

skills a player has ranks in and how many ranks they have
Map<PlayerSkill, Integer> skills

true or false list of all spells for which a player knows
Map<Spell, Boolean> spells

spells per level per combat
Map<Integer, Integer> spellsPerCombat

More detailed information involving the usage of these variables with my rpg plugins will be implemented later.


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