Bukkit plugin to make Minecraft more RPG-like.

Current Features

  • Custom items (custom attributes like damage and health too (and loads more))
  • Pets (WIP but working)
  • Money system
  • Custom spawns
  • New stamina system
  • Awesome player banks (with a custom amount of slots, and you make make Cheques!)
  • Awesome loot system. (Only get items from a chest once)
  • Sign shops
  • Damage display
  • Different repair system (anvil right click only to prevent item renaming)
  • WoW styled hearthstone (With custom item)
  • Boss Mobs: Skelebum, Flying Witch & Giants (Configurable)
  • Custom mob health (Configurable or customizeable for how far a mob is from spawn)
  • Make gold drop instead of EXP.
  • Player visibility for OPs.
  • Book with players stats

To add

  • Merchant Traders instead of a stupid sign shop
  • Rage (displayed using the XP bar) (Saving till last)

Item Attributes

damage/lifesteal does not affect bows or Armor

  • Custom damage (for weapons)
  • Add health to the player
  • Stamina regeneration
  • Health regeneration
  • Life steal (for weapons)
  • Dodge
  • Custom durability (Bit weird how it works)


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