• Fixed missing locale issues
  • Changed damage event priority, fixes issues with some plugins


  • Fixed missing locale issues
  • Fixed crash with locale downloading disabled
  • Fixed leather armour colouring


  • Fixed recipe issue
  • Fixed locale issues


  • New locale system, all translations are not there or badly done atm
  • Fixed armour


  • Fixed client crash when setting a recipe for an item with a long display name


  • Upon failing to load the items.yml, RPG Items will create a backup and store a log of the error
  • Internal changes
  • Allow for custom recipes to be set for RPG Items. Use /rpgitem [item] recipe to open a window where you can place the item in the shape you want the recipe to be. Use /rpgitem [item] removerecipe to remove the recipe
  • Moved /rpgitem worldguard to /rpgitem option worldguard
  • Added /rpgitem option giveperms. When toggled on /rpgitem [item] give can be used by anyone who has the rpgitem.give.[itemname]
  • RPG Items can now be dropped from mobs. Use /rpgitem [item] drop [EntityType] [chance] to set the chance of dropping
  • Added support for tick powers. Tick powers work when the item is in your hand or equipped (Armour). Currently the only tick power is potiontick


  • Fixed major sky hook bug causing items.yml corruption


  • Fixed null pointer on startup for some
  • Fixed descriptions being lost on update (Sorry can't recover the already lost ones :( )


  • Allowed multiples of the same power to be attached
  • Fix error with anvils
  • Command power now will give op for the use of the command if the permission is set to * (This should fix issues caused by some permissions plugins preventing normal permissions being set)
  • Added skyhook power. This still needs a lot of work but should be ok for now.
  • Lots of internal changes


  • Stopped items autorepairing


  • Fixed a crash in 1.7
  • Added missing locale for rumble


  • Added count option to give command
  • Unicode improved, should work everywhere
  • Descriptions now support colour codes. (& symbol)
  • Can now use hex colours for data values/armour colour
  • Ice power now collides with entities
  • New power rumble, send a wave through the ground sending an entity flying when found
  • Added a header to help command
  • Fixed data values not being changed on old items after changing the item
  • Localisation support, Please help on here


  • Command system changed, most commands stayed the same just the internals that changed.
  • Help on bukkitdev is now generated using the in game help, should help it stay up to date.
  • /rpgitem now only shows the commands and no help.
  • Help is more detailed now and can be shown by using /rpgitem help [terms] e.g: /rpgitem help power will show help for all powers while /rpgitem help power ice will show help for the ice power
  • Help is also shown if the command system can work out what you where trying to do.
  • Fixed an error on the potionhit tooltip
  • Per an item worldguard disable
  • Unicode fixed
  • Item description - allows you to add non-lore lines to an item.


  • Power cooldowns are no longer shared between item types
  • Changed consume power to only remove one at a time


  • Added plugin metrics (Can be disabled by setting opt-out: true in PluginMetrics/config.yml)
  • Unbreakable power
  • Unbreaking power
  • Note When used on a projectile weapon (e.g bow) the player can switch weapon before the projectile hits to repair that weapon. So... don't use them on bows for now.


  • Print bug fixed
  • Fix potionself error message
  • Basic consume power (/rpgitem [name] power consume)
  • Command power now supports temp permissions (optional)
/rpgitem [name] power command [cooldown] [left/right] display | command | permission


  • PotionSelf fixed
  • Projectile custom damage


  • Fixed major issue causing error on start up for first use
  • Projectile powers

Currently supported

- Teleport

- Lightning


  • Fixed potionself always giving speed
  • Block - rpgitems cannot be placed any-more
  • Armour now uses % based damage reduction. Old armour should update to the new system automatically.


  • Data value support (/rpgitem [name] [data] [itemname])
  • Leather armour colour support(/rpgitem [name] [colour] [itemname])
  • Basic world guard support, prevents items being used in no pvp areas. Toggle with /rpgitem worldguard
  • Items can spawned with a number (if data value is also provided) (/rpgitem [name] [data] [itemid])


  • Rainbow wool removes itself
  • Colours can be used for lore/hand/type just use & then the colour number. See
  • Added basic armour support. Armour reduces damage based on its value, e.g: 10 armour reduces damage by 10.
  • Arrows now remove themselves
  • Fixed an error in potionhit's error message
  • Added new power potionself
  • Disabled power rush. Just use potionself, old rush powers still work but new ones may not be added.
  • Fixed "Power added" being displayed when the power failed to add
  • Improved tooltips for powers


  • Fixed the potion effects.


  • Added fireball power
  • Added rush power
  • Added knockup power


  • Damage fix
  • Durability fix
  • Ice now removes itself
  • Improved ice hit detection with blocks.
  • If damage is set to zero then it will not show on the tooltip


  • New power PotionHit. Chance to apply set potion effect on hit
  • New power Teleport. Teleport to where you are looking. Can set limit.
  • Fixed missing display command in help
  • Fixed zero damage not working
  • Allowed changing the defaults "Sword", "One handed" in config
  • Allowed changing "Damage" text in config


  • Fixed an console error message. Note: This doesn't cause an issue in v0.2 its just old debug code.


  • Added ice power
  • Added command power (Run command on use)
  • Allowed use from console and command blocks
  • Allowed give to target other players
  • Tidied up help