RoyalIRC is an initiative to link IRC and Minecraft as simply and easily as possible. It uses the efficient PircBotX as the IRC bot, which is already shaded into the plugin, so there are not extra downloads. Be sure to click the wiki link below to see about configuration and commands.

The official site for RoyalIRC is here.


  • Multiple connections
  • Supports linking those connections to each other
  • Supports colors completely (IRC -> MC & MC -> IRC)
  • Completely configurable messages and bot info
  • Fantasy commands and privmsg commands
  • Automatic NickServ authentication before channel joins
  • Easy joining to channels with keys
  • Configurable message delays to prevent spam kicks/bans
  • Runs on PircBotX, which is shaded into the jar, so no extra downloads
  • Checks for vanished players with VanishNoPacket
  • Adds a character to use before messages to skip sending them to MC
  • Able to parse color codes from Minecraft before sending to IRC
  • Supports /say and /me (with configurable aliases)

Commands & Permissions

I do not support the use of PermissionEx! RoyalIRC may work with PEX, but I will not offer support if you use it. If you would like to know why, take a look at this document by mbaxter that explains more.

All commands and permissions are listed here.

When will you update to X?

RoyalIRC is 100% forwards-compatible. Only major API rewrites will break it. If I have not released a new version, you do not need to update.

Source and Downloads

The source code on GitHub is available with compiling instructions. It follows the GNU GPLv3 license.

Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk. Continuous Integration.

Statistics collection

RoyalIRC utilizes Hidendra's PluginMetrics (MCStats) to collect data on plugin usage. All data that is available to me is also available to you here. All data sent is anonymous and not personal. If you do not want to send data to MCStats, please opt-out in the PluginMetrics folder in your plugins folder.

Minecraft usernamejkcclemens #royaldev #bukkit


I've sunk hundreds of hours into writing this plugin. Some of these hours come from managing support tickets, some come from helping people, some come from adding features, and most of them come from bettering the plugin altogether. If you would like to thank me for my efforts, I would appreciate it immensely. If you're unable to send five or ten dollars, then let me know how I'm doing. Feedback means a lot!

If you like the plugin and want to thank me, or if you just want to buy me a Red Bull (or help me pay the bills), consider donating.


Run RoyalIRC on your server? PM me with the name and address (and a note if you want), and I'll list it here!

Of course, there's the server it was made for:

Server NameServer AddressNote
RoyalCraftplay.royaldev.orgThe server RoyalIRC was built for.

Need a plugin made?

Shoot me an email or contact me on IRC (see Contact above) to ask me about custom plugins that extend RoyalIRC or for any reason. I'm sure we can work something out.

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