RoyalCommands v4.0.0 (A00A)


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    Jul 3, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


See the full changelog.


  • Fixed a bug preventing spawnmob.* from working
  • Allow vehicles to teleport between worlds
  • Added /recipe
  • Fix /pm download
  • Fix an NPE with a few modpacks
  • NMS support for 1.6.4 (1_6_R2)
  • Change /accountstatus messages
  • Removed NMS below 1_5_R1
  • Added a method to track spawned items
  • Allowed random UUID in /attr ("gen" or "generate")
  • SpawnInfo fixes
  • Cooldowns fixed
  • Prevent issues with listening for teleport warmups
  • Hopefully make AFK less sensitive
  • /saveplayer and /loadplayer
  • NMS for 1_7_R1
  • Fix TagAPI stuff
  • Only support Materials (item IDs deprecated)
  • Completely remade the teleport request system (see below)
  • Using the new ban API!
  • /biome's radius is probably fixed
  • /i2b updates (wheat)
  • /setarmor should work again
  • UUIDs! (see below)
  • Only support Java 1.7 and up (sorry, 1.6 people)
  • New update checking system (see below)
  • Added /teleportrequestcancel
  • 1_7_R2 and 1_7_R3 NMS support
  • Color things
  • /tpaall fixed
  • Fixed teleport sounds playing when /monitoring
  • BanWatcher removed, replaced by checking at login
  • Add warning if you try to overwrite a home
  • Fixed /invsee exploit (now looks like /invmod, but no modification is allowed)
  • Documentation is automatically created! (see below)
  • Changed lots of permissions (expanded names; e.g. /tpr -> /teleportrequest; the original command names will still work)
  • /spy -> /messagespy
  • Add /commandspy
  • /kickhistory
  • /documentation links to the docs website for commands and permissions
  • Make checking for permissions more dynamic to reduce human error
  • /whois colors fixed
  • Fixed an enderchest bug

Wow. This is a hefty changelog. This is leaving some stuff out, too (only little, non-important things)! There are a couple notes above that say to see down here, because there are HUGE (like... HUGE, guys) changes with this update (part of the reason it has taken me a year to update [checking for bugs]). So, here we go!



The configuration is completely different. Please, please do not report bugs if you have an old configuration. Backup your configuration, have a new one generate (or download it from GitHub), and copy over your options to the new places. We will be more than happy to help you on IRC (live chat, which is fixed now) if you need it.

Completely remade the teleport request system

The teleport request system before sucked. It only supported one teleport request, so getting spammed with requests was impossible to manage. Now, each request has its own "ticket." You can accept or deny any request, and they don't overwrite each other. This should greatly help large servers.


As you've probably heard from more-frequently-updated plugins, UUIDs are coming. Fast. They're already here. Crap. RoyalCommands has supported them for some time in the development builds, and there haven't been any issues for quite a while, so now the changes are being released onto you! Please note that when you start up the server, a converter will start and covert all your userdata. To reduce the amount of time this will take, prune your userdata (remove old players, if possible). Try not to interrupt it, either. Your server won't start until it's complete.

New update checking system

This one isn't really as noticeable to server owners, but it may confuse them when downloading files. I created a new system that completely abides by the Bukkit upload rules. It only uses the CurseForge API, but it grabs metadata from the file title ("A00A"). This provides cool data to me that will help keep update checks accurate!

Documentation is automatically created!

This one I'm really excited about. Documentation has been really bad. I still haven't gotten around to going in-depth with it all. However, commands and permissions are both automatically updated as I update them in the plugin, so the docs will always be up to date! I have also linked all the permissions to commands and vice-versa, so that should also make things a little easier. Give me some feedback on the new documentation site!

Other notes

Submitting bugs

If you haven't known where to submit bugs, no worries! Click the "Tickets" button above, or just go here. Bug reports made elsewhere will be ignored!

  • Enabling ProtocolLib functionality in the RoyalCommands config.yml may cause some visual inventory glitches. This issue is being looked into, but for now you can safely disable ProtocolLib compatibility.