RoyalCommands v3.2.0 (30505A)


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    Aug 30, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.7.2
  • 1.6.4


See the full changelog.


  • Changed versioning scheme. The scheme is now major.minor.change. This reflects the maturity of RoyalCommands, as 0.2.7 makes a two-year-old plugin still look new.
  • Added NMS support for 1.5.1 - 1.6.2.
  • Fixed /ne not checking name lengths
  • Fixed /head not working on offline players
  • New command: /findip
  • New command: /map
  • Limited the length of containers in /rename
  • Allow deleting of other players' homes in /delhome
  • New command: /deletebanhistory
  • Console can now use /megastrike
  • Allow configuration of message colors!
  • /assign recognizes lore and custom names
  • Added in sounds on teleport
  • Fixed on NPE on shutdown if WorldManager is disabled
  • Removed dependency on Vault
  • New command: /publicassign
  • Added spruce wood in items.csv
  • Completely rewrote command registration. It's now 100% dynamic, allowing for disabling of commands to really not interfere with other plugins.
  • New command: /enderchest
  • Use /invmod to view offline players' inventories
  • Added option to disable inter-gamemode trades
  • New players should now properly be teleported to spawn
  • /biome's radius now works correctly
  • Rcon fixed
  • New configuration for disabling /back in certain worlds
  • Home limits are now rewritten (should work)
  • Teleports should now work on vehicles/players/etc. Configurable.
  • Command block support is fixed
  • Added three enchantment perms: rcmds.enchant.illegal, rcmds.enchant.levels, rcmds.enchant.*
  • /ci has been rewritten
  • Added /pm downloadlink and /pm unload
  • Fixed formatting in many areas
  • [dev] Force LF line endings
  • Fixed /pm update - it should never break a plugin now
  • Completely rewrote the default help system
  • Nickname length, time, and character limits
  • Separated backpacks by world groups (auto-converter included)
  • Home limit is shown in /listhomes
  • Added rcmds.spawnmob.* and
  • Added one-use kits
  • /deljail and /delwarp should work
  • /pluginmanager optimized
  • Added rcmds.exempt.nickspecialcharacters and rcmds.exempt.nickchangelimit
  • None known.