RoyalCommands v0.2.6


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    Dec 28, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.4.6


See the full changelog.


  • Various bugfixes (NPEs, color formatting, etc.)
  • Item aliases allowed in /helm
  • Broken homes no longer crash servers
  • H2 removed
  • Welcome messages fixed
  • /accountstatus (checks to see if cracked)
  • /whois info added (gamemode, flying, last position)
  • Custom whitelist message
  • /warn doesn't use default actions
  • WorldManager reloaded on /rcmds
  • World inventory separation added (XP and Ender Chests also supported)
  • Trades don't expire if one player logs off
  • /pm updatecheckall no longer lags server
  • Old ban information commands now reroute to /baninfo
  • Ability to use /harm or /starve on self if exempt permission is enabled
  • Emeralds added to /i2b
  • /listwarns and /warns fixed
  • afk_format and return_format added for custom AFK messages
  • rChat prefix support
  • IPBan, kick, ban, unban, and tempban customizable messages
  • use_worldaccess_perm: Support for allowing access to worlds via permissions
  • Added /playersearch to find players
  • Prevented errors in dev builds
  • Added time format parser: input things like 10m or 3h where seconds were previously used
  • /deafen - Stop all chat from reaching your ears
  • /rename - Rename items
  • /lore - Add lore to items
  • If players are muted for a time period, they will be shown that time when attempting to talk
  • Tempban times shown to users are now dynamic
  • Group-specific spawn points
  • /getid shows enchantments
  • /kit can support names, lore, and enchantments
  • /pack now uses native Bukkit methods (saved in userdata files) - auto-converter included
  • /back should now persist even after logging off
  • /enchant now supports max for level (if no level entered, maximum vanilla level will be used)
  • /firework added (documentation available here)
  • /more inventory fills entire inventory with item in hand (only fills slots that are empty)
  • /whois checks for online players
  • Userdata saving changed: Userdata can now be saved on an interval to increase performance
  • H2 -> YML converter updated to be more complete and efficient
  • Metrics updated
  • H2 removed. Be sure to set yml_convert to true in the config to convert old H2 userdata into YML.