RoyalCommands v0.2.5


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    Sep 9, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.3.2


See the full changelog.


  • Rewrote /listhomes and fixed errors
  • Nametags cutting off a letter fixed
  • /usage - Displays plugin and usage of any command
  • /pluginmanager- Replaces PlugMan, etc. Able to download plugins from BukkitDev, check for updates, load, disabled, update, reload, etc. all plugins.
  • /quit no longer errors in console
  • Added adventure mode to /gm
  • Choose to create chests and take them from a player's inventory in /dump - respects WorldGuard and LWC
  • ITEM NAME ALIASES Do /i diamondsword and /i piston, etc.
  • Metrics -> MetricsLite (still toggle-able)
  • Rewrote /setlevel
  • Added option to use H2 databases for userdata (faster than YML 20%)
  • Format the whitelist kick message.
  • Enchantments (and written books) are now saved correctly in /pack
  • WorldManager is now very functional. Allows aliases, load on startup, etc.
  • /freezetime - Stop time from progressing
  • Deprecated /whobanned, /banreason, and /banned; added /baninfo (also records ban time and tempban duration)
  • /reply updates when using /message - no need to wait for a reply
  • Teleport warmups added
  • Plugin update checker rewritten
  • /ignore NPE fixed
  • /whitelist -> /wl (naming conflictions)
  • Back on /death message not shown to those without rcmds.back
  • /suicide now makes death plugins show correct messages
  • /quit and /ragequit should no longer display a kick/quit message
  • /banlist - Display all bans
  • rcmds.exempt.teleportwarmup
  • /gamemode accepts numbers
  • /ping now displays actual ping time (milliseconds)
  • /flyspeed and /walkspeed (/ws may not be working)
  • Added a very basic API.
  • /time now supports TMI/NEI (/time set #...)
  • Display message when /time is used (off by default)
  • Fix NPE with remote console and such.

Yet again I've enjoyed making this. I've been working on PlayerMetrics, and that's taken up a bunch of my time. 0.2.5 has been in "pre" for a really long time now, so I thought it was about time to release it (bug reports stopped coming in).

NOTE: This release has one of my favorite fixes in it. YML data processing time has been cut by almost 95% (iirc), because I started to cache the configurations. I don't know why I wasn't doing this before. H2 is about one millisecond faster than YML if you're an efficiency freak. Anyways, enjoy using RoyalCommands! (God, I hope I'm uploading the right zip)

  • Nothing I can think of. :)