RoyalCommands v0.2.4


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    Jul 23, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.2.5


See the full changelog.


  • /erase - Removes entities such as boats, drops, etc.
  • Auto-AFK no longer affects vanished players
  • /list has been revamped to sort by groups if chosen in config
  • /back works
  • rcmds.exempt.autoafk and rcmds.exempt.afkkick
  • /slap now randomly moves target
  • Option to require item in inventory for /helm
  • /whois shows info on players
  • Safe Teleport - always teleport to the ground
  • RCon is now functional with rCmds
  • rcmds.exempt.limit.spawnmob
  • Added: /mobignore Removed: rcmds.notarget, rcmds.exempt.notarget
  • Commands can now be used on vanished players if the player has rcmds.seehidden
  • Version checking added
  • /nick rewritten
  • /nick can change name above head if configured (needs TagAPI)
  • /tempban supports custom messages
  • /garbagecollector schedules the Java GC to run, freeing up memory
  • /monitor puts you in the shoes of a player
  • Very buggy home limits in config
  • /tpaall is fixed
  • Dynamic Whitelist is now truly dynamic
  • Custom spawns are now precise - uses custom location
  • command_log_blacklist to not log certain commands (e.g. /login)
  • /backpack - 36 slot inventory that persists throughout restarts and deaths (configurable)
  • Fixed /trade with yourself
  • Tempbans unset when they are supposed to, rather than when the player attempts to login (fixes /banned)
  • /warn has been completely rewritten to allow custom actions, expiration, and more
  • /time now formats time
  • /spawnmob now shows the types of spawnable mobs
  • AFKWatcher should no longer output errors
  • /biome accepts a radius

This update took a very long time, but it added tons of new features. I worked very hard making this version as friendly as possible. I hope you enjoy 0.2.4 as much as I do!

  • CraftBukkit builds below 2244 cannot use /spawnmob.
  • /nick with change_nametag on will remove the first letter of your name if you disable your nickname. Fix is here.