RoyalCommands v5.2.0


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    Jun 12, 2024
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.20.6
  • 1.20.5


Note: This build requires Java 21, as it's built for 1.20.5 and above.


Full changelog combining all changes in 5.0, 5.1 and 5.2:

  • Players can now set their own nick with `/nick`
  • Improvements to the output when running `/biome`
  • Improvements to the trade command and window
  • Removed flag support from almost all commands, the below commands now support auto complete
    • /mute
    • /prune
    • /assign
    • /whitelist
  • Added the `/sleep` command, behaviour similar to `/feed`
  • Added suggested parameters for `/time` command
  • Fix mute reasons getting cut off if they are more than 1 word
  • Expansions to Message of the Day (MOTD)
    • Game time can now be shown in 24 hour or 12 hour time using either `{time24h}` or `{time12h}` respectively
    • Server Uptime can be shown using `{uptime}`
    • Separate MOTD can be shown for Admins using the permission `rcmds.messageoftheday.admin`, configurable in `config.yml`
    • Separate MOTD can be shown for First Join Players, configurable in `config.yml`.
  • Added support for PlaceholderAPI
    • You can now use PAPI placeholders wherever text is customizable - including the Message of the Day
    • We now provide our own PAPI placeholders (and advertise them to PAPI) - starting with AFK state (more to come, including VIP)
  • Significantly improved performance impact of `/backs` - should no longer cause momentary server lag
  • Added support for grouping players in `/list` by world rather than group
  • The "Use `/back`" message on death will no longer appear in disabled back worlds
    Removed the use of Hastebin to upload crash stack traces - manually reading/copying the console is good enough
  • Restored support for verifying the `/dump` command is used within a WorldGuard region the player can open chests in
  • The sleep majority check now considers AFK state (configurable)
  • `/pm list` will now include plugin version numbers to be a little more useful than the standard `/plugins` command
  • The `/nick` command no longer uses flags, just normal parameters - tab completion makes this easier too
  • World name should now be formatted correctly in more places (colour, display name)
  • Improved readability of various command responses
  • Fixed an issue where sleep notification text would be duplicated
  • Fixed a minor memory leak when reloading the configuration and when unzipping files
  • Fixed various deprecations
  • Fixed `/repair all`, `/enchant`, and `/clearinventory` not working
  • Fixed Lapis and added new ingots to `/ingot2block`
  • Removed the need of NMS entirely (thank goodness for an official ping API)
  • Removed `/lag`, `/pm download`, and `/pm findtag` - the latter 2 might return at some point
  • Fixed `/recipe` displaying "no recipes" for enchanted items
  • Fixed an issue where players could take items out of `/recipe` menus for cooked items
  • Fixed various errors in the `/map` command
  • Built for Spigot >1.20.2 with various overhauls and upgrades
  • Added command autocomplete to most commands
  • Added "Sleep Notifications" and automatic night skipping when >50% of players in the current world are in a bed
  • Added support for hiding worlds (eg. multi-world server that wants to enable Nether portals but not for the main world)
  • Tooltips and clickable commands in many places
  • Bump various dependencies, deprecations and compatibilities
  • Various minor bugfixes and crashes