What is RouletteXL?

RouletteXL is an advanced, but easy-to-use roulette plugin. You can use it to let your players wager their money.

The basics
A new round of roulette starts either manually by an admin using /roulette start or automatically by the use of auto-roulette. In the given time, players are able to place bets on the colours Red, Black and Green. When the timer stops, the roulette-block starts rolling/spinning. After a few seconds the spinning stops and the result of the round is shown in the chat as well as on the roulette-block itself if one is set. If the player guessed the right colour, he/she will receive a reward in in game currency. The reward depends on the player's wager and colour (see Odds and winnings for further explanation about the winnings and calculations). All the winning players will receive their winnings at the end of the round. Players can see their statistics by using /roulette stats. If data-storage is not enabled, players will only see their total bet and total profit.

Odds and winnings
The odds are really simple and based on other online roulette websites: 
Green: 1/15

Red: 7/15

Black: 7/15

Only at the end of the round a colour is randomly picked so neither admins or players can see or influence the outcome of a round. If the round ends on red or black, players who bet on the right colour will win twice their wager. So let’s say 'player A' bets 500 on red and wins, he will receive a total of 1000 from which 500 is actual profit. If the round ends on green, players will receive 14 times their winnings because the chances of the round ending on green are way lower.

Some important notes:
- The bets get transferred at the very end of a round. So any crashes or reloads won't influence someone's balance.
- If auto-roulette is turned on and data-storage is enabled, the local files will increase in size very fast. Therefor it's recommended to use a MySQL database. *Mind that on every reload/restart, the empty rolls which do not contain any bets, get removed.*
- All files except the default config.yml are very sensitive for manual changes. Therefor it's recommended not to make any changes other than with the commands offered in game.
- This plugin requires Vault to be installed on your server.

This plugin is designed for entertaining purposes and not in any way created to make money off it. The odds and winnings are, just as normal casinogames, designed to let the bank (in this case the server) win on the long-term.



  • Place bets to wager your money
  • Use auto-roulette or start new rounds manually
  • A 'GUI' for players to play the game
  • Use your custom messages and prefix in chat
  • Manage the duration of rounds
  • Manage the cooldown after a round has finished
  • Set a minimum or maximum to bets
  • Set a maximum amount of bets a player can place per round
  • Set an amount from where players have to confirm their bets (to avoid big mistakes)
  • Enable data-storage to keep in track of all round- and player statistics
  • Store data in local files or on your MySQL server
  • Add a roulette-block to see the block changing colours
  • Add history-blocks to see the outcome of the past rolls




Set to true to enable auto-roulette. Rounds will automatically start.
auto-roulette: false


The amount of time players have to place their bets (seconds), minimum is 20 seconds.
roulette-duration: 60


The cooldown after a round has finished (seconds).
roulette-cooldown: 30


The minimum amount a player should bet.
roulette-minimum: 0


The maximum amount a player can bet. Set to 0 for no limit.
roulette-maximum: 0


The maximum amount of bets a player can place. Set 0 for no limit.
roulette-maximum-bets: 3


The amount from where players have to confirm their bet. Set to 0 to disable bet-confirmation.
roulette-betconfirm-minimum: 0


Set values to the chips used in GUI
coal: 100
lapis: 500
iron: 1500
gold: 5000
diamond: 10000
emerald: 25000



Set to true to enable datastorage and statistics. If set to false, only basic playerdata will be available.
store-data: true


Set to true to use mysql.
mysql: false


mysql-host: host
mysql-database: database
mysql-username: username
mysql-password: password




/bet (amount) (colour)


Place a bet.


/roulette start

Permission: roulette.start

Starts a new round (if auto-roulette is turned off).

/roulette open


Opens the GUI.

/roulette stats

Permission: roulette.stats

Shows the user his own statistics.

/roulette stats [player]

Permission: roulette.stats.others

Shows the user the statistics of another player.

/roulette stats [round_id]

Permission: roulette.stats.round

Shows the user the statistics of a specific round.


/rouletteblock set

Permission: roulette.rouletteblock.set

Sets the block you're facing as rouletteblock.


/historyblock add

Permission: roulette.historyblock.add

Add the block you're facing as historyblock.

/historyblock remove

Permission: roulette.historyblock.removes

Removes the block you're facing as historyblock. 


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