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This mod is in planning, as I have yet to complete my java training. However, when it does come out, y'all will be all like :) ! RosterMod will feature a dynamic rep system broken into several categories and subcategories:

  • -Behavioral
  • +Temperment
  • +Morality
  • +Offensive/crude/unacceptable behavior
  • +Citizenship
  • -Skill-oriented
  • +Effectiveness in battle
  • +Building
  • +Farming (fishing, farming, harvesting, etc.)
  • +Efficiency (how fast a player acquires a certain amount of wealth)
  • -Eonomic
  • +Wealth
  • +Profitability
  • +Success
  • -Ascendency (power; requires a pvp or land-claim plugin)
  • +Land
  • +Authority
  • +Influence
    • Additional stuff:
  • -When behavioral rep gets too low in any subcategory, the plugin notifies an admin or mod. It waits for the admin's review and approval before taking any action
  • -When hooked to vault, good rep can result in monetary rewards
  • -Rep is measured in points
  • -Admins can deduct or add points manually
  • -Vault, MySQL, Factions, and Iconomy are required for maximum functionality
  • -Only behavioral deductions in griefing and general behavior will result in ban or kick
  • -players can submit reviews or complaints to a staff member. They can be positive or negative. a negative review will result in points deducted from the player mentioned and points gained by the player who submitted the review. the same goes for positive reviews, except the player mentioned gains extra points. If it is a false review, the player who submitted the review is deducted points. The mod/admin will decide the final action.
  • -The rep is dynamic and self-regulating based on data collected by other plugins.
  • Point system:
  • -griefing: -5 behavior
  • -30 mob kills without dying: +1 Skill
  • -find a rare ore: +2-+4 Economic +1-+3 skill
  • -gain 50 currency: +1 Economic +0.5 ascendency (influence)
  • -Spawn Killing: -4 behavior
  • -10 player kills within 30 mins.: -2 behavior (temperment)
  • -claim a plot of land: +1 ascendency
  • -form a faction: +1 acsendency
  • -gain a mamber: +1 ascendency
  • -gain 5 members: +2 ascendency
  • -become the most powerful faction on the server: +10 ascendency
  • -lose most powerful status: -10 ascendency
  • -place 64 blocks: +1 Skill
  • -catch 20 fish: +1 skill
  • -Become the wealthiest member on the server: +10 economic
  • -lose wealhiest status: -10 economic
  • -submit a review of another player: +1 behavior
  • -submit a false review of another player: -2 behavior
  • -get a positive review submitted about you: +2 behavior
  • -get a negative review submitted about you: deduction decided by the staff basedon the severity of the offense

This isn't a complet list, but it gives you an idea of the point system. REMEMBER: If a player's Behavioral rep dips below -15, an admin will be forced to take action


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