RTD MineCraft GameMode

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Welcome To an World off fun.. Welcome to Roll The Dice

RollTheDice is an gamemode that came from call of duty it's etch time you die/respawn you get new roll.

Admin Commands
  • /rtd set amaro sets map location for map amaro
  • /rtd set dustyo sets map location for map dustyo
  • /rtd set revel sets map location for map revel
  • /rtd set oasis sets map location for map oasis
Player Commands?
  • /rtd quit only works when you are in a game of roll the dice this allows you to quit the game
How To Create The Basic Map Signs?

create sign for amaro

  • line 1 am
  • line 2 null
  • line 3 null
  • line 4 null

create sign for dustyo

  • line 1 du
  • line 2 null
  • line 3 null
  • line 4 null

create sign for revel

  • line 1 re
  • line 2 null
  • line 3 null
  • line 4 null

create sign for oasis

  • line 1 oa
  • line 2 null
  • line 3 null
  • line 4 null
How To join a Rtd game

right click the map sign of your choice





  • virtueelmadeplugin: true OBS Must Always Be True this is so nobody can steal it. my plugin has allot of checks IF this is set to false all will be kicked + your server if wont be able to use plugin more
Rank System?

this is currently in beta

What Is Roll The DIce

Roll The Dice is an Game-mode that allow you to play with friends in a new way. it basically gives you a roll etch time you die. RTD is an FreeForAll game-mode.

What Is a Roll

a roll can be SpeedHack,SuperJump an easier way to say this is some cool functions wile you play this game-mode

UPDATE v.1 : now

  • 30 rolls
  • set diffrent location's of maps need to make so you can make signs for this as well =)
  • some command's to set maps
  • 6 players max in 1 lobby need to be 2 players to start lobby will fix this so admin can plus or minus the players this will not be in config this will be ing commands
  • ScoreBoard with health under player
  • ScoreBoard to show prestige and level
  • made so players cant: do commands/drop items/pickup items/dont drop on death/break blocks/place blocks while play in lobby

UPDATE v.2 comming soon...!!!!

  • Create own maps/signs
  • open qui to quit
  • 20 new rolls/update old ones to make it better
  • Better command system
  • make gui to plus or minus players max in lobby
  • Spawn Protection for 4 seconds ing
  • Command Colours change colors in config of your need
  • more config options
  • Player ranks loads in diffrent config file maps to
  • Fix: when leave or quit server you get removed and added so you teleport out of arena
  • Fix: so gravity roll works
  • Fix: i'am a block roll
  • Fix: rtd quit so teleport
  • Fix: if die with camper you dont get the freeze if die
  • Fix: if kill nuke guy nuke will disable


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