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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

I made this plugin because i needed a plugin for my amusement park. So here I have a plugin made for my server.

[/add spoint [name] adds a startpoint
[/add epoint[name] adds a endpoint for your rollercoaster
[/start spoint][name] starts the startpoint
[/start epoint][name] starts the end point
[/spawn minecarts]number] [id] adds a few connected minecarts
[/despawn minecart][number] [id] despawns your minecarts
[/rcb help][1.2.3] opens the help menu
[/rollercoasterbuilder help][1.2.3] opens the help menu
[/spawn minecarts activate][id] activates your minecart spawner
[/cbt] gives you a tool to change the select the queue of power rails
[/chhange boost][speed] changes the speed of your power rails

command expplanation
/add spoint id: adds a startpoint for your minecart you dont need a powerrails only normal rails it boost your minecart automatic. right klick to delete left klick to add, example: (/add spoint hello) this will add your startpoint
/add epoint id: same as above you need a normal rails but this time it will stop your minecart(s), example: (/add epoint hello) this wil connect with the other id above and make a stop place for your minecart
/start spoint id: starts your startpoint, example: (/start spoint hello) this will start the spoint from above
/start epoint id: starts your epoint, example: (/start epoint hello) this will start the epoint from above
/spawn minecarts number id: place a block right klick to delete and left klick to add if you do /spawn minecarts activate id you can spawn your minecarts
/despawn minecarts number id: example (/despawn minecarts 4 why) this wil delete 4 minecarts from above
/spawn minecarts activate id: example (/spawn minecarts activate why) this wil activate the spawning of minecart from above
/cbt: this will give you a sword to select powerrails.
/change boost speed: example (/change boost 5) this wil change the selected powerrails

how to download:
1. klick on download
2. put it in your plugin map
3. restart your server
4. and the plugin is added


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