[TROUBLESHOOTING] Could not identify player. (Uups, I don't know you...) #352

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  • caliogrc created this issue Aug 30, 2018

    Please note: The main purpose of this issue is to give and collect advice how to deal with the following problem. Your comments may be edited/deleted if they don't serve this purpose.


    Description of the problem:

    If players try to execute commands, the (server) console prints "Could not identify <playername>. [...]" while the ingame console prints "Uups, I don't know you! [...]".


    This problem is only occurring on some servers and it is unclear why this happens.


    Trouble shooting:

    • Sometimes it helps to just stop and start your server (not reload).
    • Install Vault.

    Help to fix:

    Please follow these steps and post your results in the comments.

    • stop your server
    • open Rolecraft's config.yml and set 'enable-debugging' to true.
    • check if the world you want to use the plugin is not disabled.
    • start your server
    • log in to your server
    • What does "Rolecraft/.data/log.yml" say?
    • check if there are any errors or warning in the server log
    • is there an entry in the "players.data" ?
    • now reload your server while you are still logged in
    • check "log.yml" for changes.


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