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    Hello! First off I would like to thank you for this plugin, I really do hope you find someone that can help you develop this. If I knew enough Java I would jump aboard and help out!

    Anyways here are a couple of spell ideas:

    "pull" This would 'teleport' the target right infront of the user and 'stun' the target for 0.5 seconds

    "stun" This would 'stun' the target from moving for 3 seconds.

    "summon" This would 'summon' X number of Wolfs, Zombies, Skeletons, etc to do your bidding.

    "Vanish" This would cast the invisibility potion onto yourself until you attack/cast a spell, or no longer than 30 seconds.

    "BackStab" This would teleport you behind your target and attack them with a critical attack.

    "Heal" This would heal a player for X number of hearts.

    "Tranquility" This would heal a player over time for X number of hearts.

    "Shadow Bolt" This would blind a player for 5 seconds.

    "Corrupt" This would confuse a player for 5 seconds.

    "Burn" Sends a low dealing bolt of fire at a target than leaves a burn on the target for X number of hearts or until healed/goes into water.

    "Buff" This would increase a players attributes for 15 seconds.

    "Debuff" This will remove the targets buff or lower the targets attributes.

    "Freeze time" Everyone in a X block radius is frozen for 5 seconds, the caster is allowed to move freely.

    "Slow down" Everyone in an X block radius is slowed for 5 seconds, the caster is not slowed.

    "Speed up" Everyone in an X block radius is quickened for 5 seconds, the caster is also effected.

    Soul Reaper spells:
    Weapon: Scythe (Hoe)
    Passive: Soul Harvest: For each player kill, the player's attributes increases by 1. When killed the player loses all gained "Souls".
    Active: "Rush" 'teleports' the player to the target and deals a critical hit to the head disabling the target for 2 seconds.
    "Return" Within 5 seconds of "Rush" the player is able to cast "Return" Which teleports both the target and the caster to the casting point of "Rush"
    "Soul Purge" On cast, the player purges 50% of the gained "souls" dealing 50% of the casters current health to the target and restores the same damage as health.
    "Dancing with Death" Increases the casters strength by 100% for 2 seconds. Once over the caster is then weakened by 100% for 4 seconds.

    Weapon: BoneMeal
    Passive: When on grass, the player receives an intellect boost.
    "Growth" Traps everything within 5 blocks for 5 seconds, only prohibits movement, movement spells break the trap.
    "One with Earth" Teleports everything within 2 blocks of the caster into the ground for 3 seconds and damages the player for x amount of hearts.
    "Arboretum" all players within 10 blocks of the caster is healed for x amount of hearts over 10 seconds.

    I can always come up with awesome new spells and I will try to learn how to make spells for your plugin so I can help implement them.
    If you ever need any help with new content send me a message my business skype is Aquatic.Nation
    My server is Hub.AquaticNation.net

    -Aritex "Andrew"

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    Well thanks a lot ! Now I have some work to do :D

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